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Hello Giant Bombers
(first of if this is the wrong forum would you kindly move it to the correct one thank you very much)

I recently moved the location of my Playstaion 3 upstairs, and set it up to a 22" monitor (which I'm liking a lot better then my 42" 720p tv)
but unfortunately I've encountered a bit of a drawback, as I'm now using an HDMI to VGA cable, and it does not convey sound.
so I was wondering what would I require to be able to plug headphones into some sort of device to receive the sound from the Playstation 3

Here is what I was thinking of
Digital Audio Out Cable --> Receiver of some sort <--- Headphones (if the receiver has a headphone jack)

if anyone has any suggestions as to which products to use, that would be gratefully appreciated, as I just played through the entire Ghostbusters game without sound....

Thanks all, and have a great Day ^w^

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Ouch.  Playing through such a game with a pedigree like that really makes you miss out on the effort they went though . . .

But enough of that.  As far as recievers go, if you have such a (relativley) small screen, it wouldn't be that hard to hook it up to  acomputer as a 2nd display and pipe the sound through that . . . provided your screen has two input jacks.  But I can't think of any receivers off the top of my head, and I've had a bit too much too drink to make the effort to look something up for you via newegg or tigerdirect...(you should check those sites out)
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Seems a little expensive for your needs but that is all I could find searching around.

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You can change the sound output to AV and put it through a stereo if you have one with the right connection.

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Most any audio receiver infact ALL of them will have a headphone jack on the front of back though it will ususally be a big old 1/4" jack you can get adaptors for these so they work with 3.5 jacks

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Hey you might like a pair of these man!
I'm really thinking i'm gonna get a pair myself
I'm currently using turtle beaches wireless headphones but they are for 360 :( so no mic but i would be nice to get these as my main headset.
i'll keep the others cause they are still good even with co-op stuff.

edit: you can also buy em from ebgames though.... i guess they are pre order only. :(