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EDIT: I made a spelling error in the title its supposed to be Custom, I apologize I'm quite tired at the moment
For those who have moded a Playstation 3 or have knowledge on that subject I have a few questions for thee

I was wondering if it was possible to install a Playstation 2 OS, onto the Playstation 3, to enable backwards compatibility (I unfortunately have a later model with thus function removed) as I would really like to play Persona 4 , and perhaps great Playstation 2 titles that I may have missed

and my second question involving install exta OS's, is if it is possible to Install a Playstation 2 OS and acheive backwards compatibilty, is it able to switch back and forth between the OS's so that it may not comprimise all of the features availabe to the Playstation 3 such as the Download store, and online functions

Thanks for the help, and have a fantastic day