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Taken from sixth axis:-

Sony must have read our minds: the recent shock announcement of OnLive at GDC, with which gamers stream the videogames rather than having to have a computer or console powerful enough to play them, has certainly got the attention of Sony.  There’s not a great deal of information about the newly registered PS Cloud, but it’s a) from Sony Computer Entertainment, and b) about gaming over the internet.  The capital letters typical of an application like this hurt our eyes, so here’s the juicy stuff:

PS Cloud will be, from what we can gather, a central hub for communicating with computers and consoles, pushing out publication of video games, movies and music to our PlayStation consoles present and future.  It’s clear that the service will work with the PSP as well as any TV-based PlayStations.  The document goes on to mention the usual stuff that the current PS Store manages, but the main meat of the specification is in the third paragraph, where it talks about providing an on-line video game that users may access through the internet, presumably in a similar fashion to OnLive.

It’s all legal-speak, really, so until Sony publish a press release a lot of this is conjecture, but it’s interesting all the same.  We know the PS3 is a capable machine, but why bother producing a PS4 if you can just stream next-gen games to your current gen console?  We’d love to know what you think about PS Cloud - is it a good idea, will it revolutionalise gaming, or is this just Sony desperate to get a piece of the pie?

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Much like sixaxis it will be shoehorned in within a month.

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Is it an April Fools joke?

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Bad day to put out real news since I just want to say fake. But it could be one of the billion back up ideas that Sony can pursue if the Onlive thing does work, or smoke and mirrors to divert our attention while Sony does their real thing? Someone can also buy the naming rights for 18 fast, 18 furious, but that doesn't mean its going to be made.

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its april 1srt

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I think this is just part of the play your PS3 titles over your PSP or watch movies from your PS3 remotely on your PSP thingy.  It sounds like an expanded version of that concept.

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It isn't a fake.  Sony's next console will be using this technology.