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I heard on the radio this morning that Sony was going to cut the price of the PS3, and yet i haven't seen a shred of news on it.

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@Spoonman: Considering it's still $440 in my region I'd welcome such news. Though I highly doubt it'll be enough of a cut for me to consider buying one.

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@CrazyChris:  Considering they're right on the cusp of releasing a bunch of games it would totally make sense, but i can't fathom that the national news report on my local radio station scooped the games press
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Will the PS3 ambassadors get anything?

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@Beforet: PS2 Games?! Holy Sh*t PS2 games on PS3!!!!!!! W00t
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@Beforet said:

Will the PS3 ambassadors get anything?

Credit card security.

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The radio, my number one source for video game news ;)