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(I didn't see a thread on this topic, so I started a new one - if there already is one, I apologize!)

My second xbox died last week, so I decided to get a PS3. Only problem is, I can't find a single PS3 within 50 miles of me nor can I find one online. A recent Joqstiq article suggests that there is a new shortage...what the hell? A console shortage 3.5 years after its release? I know there is a wave of quality PS3 games coming, but is there that much anticipation to cause a shortage? Or is it just decreased production during the economic down turn?
Anyone seen anything about this shortage? 
And does anyone know a reputable site that I can pickup a new PS3 slim for market price at? I'm not crazy about getting one on Ebay...

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decreased production, both consoles are kind of at a market saturation so microsoft and sony are not producing nearly as many consoles as they were say...18 months ago. 
The same is probably also true of the Wii to a lesser extent.

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the only thing I can think is since they only make the new slim ones they just haven't gotten tons here yet.  they were suppose to stop making older ones and most of those left were probably sold last christmas in different deals everywhere. 
you should be able to find one somewhere though, try contacting sony and ask them where you can get one.