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Can't you just use a program to stream Netflix on PC to PS3 anyway?? I saw this before and it looks like you can http://www.engadget.com/tag/playon  , problem solved?

*Edit: I'm late to the table again, already been said :D*

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I like Netflix on my 360, but I don't see it as a game changer.

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Too bad the only Battlestar that can be watched on the Instant Watch is the old series from 1978

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I totally own Ice Pirates on DVD. I bought it for 3 dollars at Wallmart once. I've also seen Transmorphers and I can say that the acting was top notch (if it were a porno).

FYI, you can use a program called PlayOn (http://www.themediamall.com/playon) to view Netflix and Hulu videos on the PS3. Unfortunately if you want more than two weeks of it you're looking at a 30 dollar buy.

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I'm ok with that. Its bad enough the PS3 is a power hog, watching movies on the PS3 consumes up to 5x the electricity of a stand alone movie player.

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I personally think that Netfilx is not for me. I like to buy my movies and be able to pull themout whenever I want.

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[quote]do you have a ps3, it already has a video rental service and its got a great library of movies. [/quote]

Yup, and it's collecting dust as we speak. I never used the MS video rental and I will never use the PSN one either. I see no point in renting ONE movie for 5 bucks when I could spend 10 for access to 100x the amount through NetFlix. Doesn't make any sense at all to me. I get the 360 Netflix and the Disc Netflix, so why would I waste my money on one-shot video rentals through MS or Sony?


I like Netflix on my 360, but I don't see it as a game changer.

If they started offering HD streaming it would be, but that is a year or so away.
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Battlestar Gallactica is not streamable through NetFlix. Unless you were referring to the original 70s and 80s versions of the show? In which case, blech!

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More epic sony PHAILURE, I have netflix i have instant Q, I have a 60gb PS3... what is the hold up?  Of course I want to own *SOME* content, but I don't feel like buying a lot of the stuff on my Instant Q, I just want to watch it ONE TIME.  Sony = PHAILURE again and again.  as a long time sony Playstation supporter, this is just another dagger in the  heart.  It's like watching your ex girlfriend become the bard slut.  AM CRY!

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Maybe microsoft should enable netflix for people outside the US and i might care about it.

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Nice Battlestar and Heroes, good job Vinny.

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PS3 dont need Netflix. Its fine as it is. Games just need to improve a bit.

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I love Netflix streaming. I have really no quality problems. It's not as good as DVD quality, but it's not that far off.(For me at least) It's a lot easier to stream a movie than go rent one or wait for one to come in the mail. Plus, renting T.V. shows through the mail is a bitch because they have to send you upwards of 5 seperate disks. I only get 4 out at a time on my plan.  And whenever the video loads and is bad quality, I just back out and reload the movie. Works like a charm. It's not perfect, but It's a great start.

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As many have already said, I could care less about having Netflix streaming on my PS3. My PS3 already plays all the awesome blurays I get from Netflix through the mail in crisp and vibrant 1080p so I don't really need compressed streaming video. I could try Netflix on the 360 since I have an account but I haven't been a gold member in months and don't plan on it anytime soon

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Raiden36O said:
"Maybe microsoft should enable netflix for people outside the US and i might care about it."
That's not really up to Microsoft.
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For the cows complaining about not getting Netflix: This is very amusing because their primary argument is always, "The PS3 has blu-ray which makes it better for watching movies"..hah hah, it is to laugh!...Well they can have fun ordering their blu-ray disks from Netflix & waiting 48 hours whereas the typical 360 user can already watch the Stream whenever they please.  It's not about the PS3 not having Netflix, it's about it not having the option to ever stream Netflix.  It's another nail in the Sorny PS3 coffin...bwahahahha.

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You guys kind of miss some of the interesting elements of Netflix:  Anime!  It has tons & tons of it.  None for Sorny, except through grainy Playon. :-P

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Couldn't care less.  I have both a 360 and a PS3 and I don't care about Netflix.  Waste of money IMO.  I rather spend my money on GameFly then renting movies. 

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Yeah who wants new features and options?  Fuck that, I like LACK OF FEATURES and BROKEN PROMISES!  Just like USA made cars!  DEY R DA BESTESTS!

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uhhhhhh. torrents

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The real problem is that Netflix would never agreed to allow the service to people outside the US.  While Microsoft was fine and dandy about shafting their out of US cutomers, Sony is a more worldwide company and wouldn't do that.

Of course they are a large part of the content lockdown problem with their Sony BMG and Columbia Pictures arms.