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We all know Google is spying on us 24/7 (or however long you leave your PC on and connected each week) but do ever open a youtube window (or "tab" as we call them in 2013) to find the most delightfully unexpected video in the #1 spot of your "recommended for you" links?

Just now I was going to put on Katy Perry's Roar, ummm... for my wife, but instead I thought "maybe youtube's right".

I mean I listen to this somewhat frequently every maybe, 6-12 months and do a fair number of searches involving the artists within (except for Coolio obviously and not many for LL) but a perfectly timed, out of the blue, 4:30 Friday afternoon (pretty close to xx4:20xx) link to Hit Em High was perfect to take me through the next hour at work.

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I keep getting horrible Anita videos and Pewdiepie LPs. They clearly know what I hate.

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Something called "Who Owns The Moon?".

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Youtube is ocassionally really spot on for me. And then occasionally it fucks up really, really bad. Like, it links me to a video about an anime character I watched quite a few times, only this video is about that character torturing his friends for no reason. Jesus christ...

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Wait you people watch videos that are recommended to you?

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As we further barrel into the future, our privacy is more and more compromised. It'd be a real problem if it bothered me.

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Youtube knows that I enjoy cute baby animals, large breasted japanese women, and speedruns of video games. Sometimes the recommendations are... interesting. o__0