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I miss the old days when I could get to this site, and see the tempting Bombcast play button staring at me, waiting for me to click it. I'd listen so much more frequently (which in turn, makes me become more dedicated to the site and feel more connected with the community as a whole) if the Bombcast came back to the front page. My interest has gone down drastically lately in this site. It went from being my homepage, to it being an occasional venture in my internet experience.
 While other things have come into play ('i freakin love this site!!!!' posts by new users constantly rather than actual conversation after videos, less intimate community and the twitterfication of the site all are contributors), I would say that the play button hiding is most definitely the largest problem with this site at this given moment, for me personally. I know it's somewhat silly, but it's a matter of convenience, and a matter of out of sight, out of mind. 
I'm curious, how has your podcast usage been effected by the disappearing Bombcast, and would you support the play button coming back to the front page? If not, what is your reasoning?

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dude, that shit downloads to me without me even doing anything about it. Technology, you know?

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@Romination:  I don't use iTunes or any music programs, and even when I did, I never used the podcast feature well. Technology is about options, and taking away the option to watch it from the front page is a step back.
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@Romination said:
" dude, that shit downloads to me without me even doing anything about it. Technology, you know? "
How is this done noble wizard?
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Carrier pigeons.
it's still just two clicks away though. They haven't really hidden it, it's still got its own tab and it's lit up for about 24 hours.
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@Romination:  I don't check every day, and am fairly casual about the site. It's out of sight, as I said, so it's out of mind. Unless someone mentions it, I don't remember it. Besides, what was wrong with a front page play button? I'm confused as to why it was removed in the first place, and it saddened me when it was removed, so many months ago.
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They probably get enough listeners without it that they never really though about it as something to bring back, i assume

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@Romination:  That doesn't explain the removal, haha. I'm not unique. As such, there has to be more people like me, that suffer from 'peekaboo' syndrome.
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true. that's probably just a sleekness to the site. and a lot of other people, even if they do have 'peekaboo' syndrome, still have some kind of music program that they can download with. I certainly do, and I used to rarely come here

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@Romination:  Yeaaaah but the site isn't really that sleek. It's more functional than sleek, really. I like it that way, and that functionality that's missing should come back, regardless of the other music program users that download their podcasts.