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Hey everyone!

So my friends and I are thinking of recording some of our gameplay sessions for glory and justice on the internet, however, I'm left with a weird scenario:

All the PVR's I can find are just HDMI in *only*. I cant find one that supports HDMI and component. This is important as we'll be doing all sorts of consoles: ps3, ps2, n64, nes, etc, etc.

Can anyone recommend a brand/model that will support all sorts of madness? Or a possible pass-through solution (console -> converter to hdmi -> pvr)?

Muchos gracias!

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If you have a decent computer (i5 or greater) I'd suggest getting a capture card for it. I use a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle USB3 that has hdmi, component, and composite in. I also have an AVermedia Live Gamer HD PCIe capture card, which I think is even better than the Blackmagic, but is only HDMI. If you go with the Blackmagic I'd suggest getting the PCIe version (Intensity Pro) if you are not technically inclined. The USB3 version supports only specific USB controllers and can be a little tricky to get running.

If you don't have a fast computer then you're not a gamer and you should stick to the Ouya.

However, there is the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gamer Edition which has component, composite and s-video in.