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So Q1 2012 gaming season is starting to revv up and lots of gaming goodness is about to hit the market. I've just placed my bets, respectively pre-orders and here's what I'm getting for sure...

Now if Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2 come out in Q1, which is increasingly unlikely on both accounts, those are surefire purchases as well. Keeping an eye on Starbreeze's Syndicate too, though I just didn't follow it enough to be sure about it. Guess I'll wait for co-op demo impressions and/or reviews. EA got an incredible line-up for Q1, I want it all.

What games are going to buy and play in Q1 2012?

btw. I kinda think Blizzard tries to keep Diablo 3 from releasing and try to position it close to Guild Wars 2, which is business model-wise a direct competitor to Diablo 3, as well as competitive with World of Warcraft, being an MMO.

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I agree with the boys. Pre-ordering is for fools. I picked up FEAR 3 today for 97p new and sealed. I'll probably play that.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 and SSX. Can't think of any others.

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@WickedFather said:

I agree with the boys. Pre-ordering is for fools. I picked up FEAR 3 today for 97p new and sealed. I'll probably play that.

Since I don't have to put any money down at my retailer and can cancel up until the games are shipped, I have no downside to preordering. And I am certain that I want to play all these games. KoA:R has a demo out and after some getting used to, I ended up liking it a lot. SSX looks bloody amazing and I can't imagine it failing. And Mass Effect 3 could be the worst game ever created, I'd still want to play it. Though it won't be. It will be amazing. *knocks on wood*

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No moolah for preorders but if I could only Mass Effect 3 would be on the list

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Pre-ordering is for suckers, unless you're going to do it a day or so before the game comes out solely to get any pre-order bonuses/incentives. Other than that, hold onto your money. I've never been in a position where I have not been able to buy a game the day it comes out.

Anyway, if you are just asking what games we know for sure we are going to purchase between Jan 1 and Mar 31, the answer is simple; Mass Effect 3.

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I don't have any pre-orders but I'll pick up FFXIII-2 and SSX at some point.

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I dont pre-order games.

I will get the following this year:

Mass Effect 3

The New Transformers game from Highmoon.

Shenmue 3

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Fucking UFC Undisputed 3 so I can whip some ass as Nick Diaz.

Fucking Syndicate so I can get $20 Amazon credit.

Fucking Max Payne 3 Special Edition because there was a deadline to pre-order that edition, bitch.

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Preordered Diablo 3 for £20 in Aug 2010.
Just waiting for release to come around now...

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I honestly don't know, the start of this year doesn't seem particularly great in terms of new games =(

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Preordered Xenoblade Chronicles since my spidey sense says it'll be hard to find.

Will purchase Bioshock Infinite day one.

Everything else at this point will probably fall under "wait until cheap"

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Dang - Max Payne 3 is almost a 100% purchase. Is there a solid release date yet?

Edit: The link I provided myself says 15th of May. Not exactly Q1, but damn that's quite soon nonetheless.

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Quarter 1 so until March right?

Kingdoms of Amalur

Mass Effect 3

Street Fighter x Tekken...

Yeah that seems alright.

EDIT: Also those aren't pre-orders...

I'll just get them when they're out, or buy it from amazon.

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I have enough 2011 games to last me an age, I'm not buying ANYTHING anymore, I don't need a bigger backlog. 
Max Payne 3 is the only game im buying Q1-Q2... In Q3 I'll see what I'll pick up.

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Kingdoms of Amalur, RE Revelations, The Darkness 2, Twisted Metal, Syndicate, ME3. Sounds like an awesome Q1 to me :)

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  • final fantasy xiii-2
  • kingdoms of amalur: reckoning
  • mass effect 3
  • mlb 12: the show

i've only been buying games that have ridiculous discounts, so i haven't payed full price for a long time. apparently that's not the case this year...

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I pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIII-2 during the one week it was about £5 less. Plus I got the collectors addition (for only £5 more than the normal one since it was reduced that week) with a huge pre-order set - in total I get 10 free stuff for only £5 more than if I waited and bought the standard version on release.

I will also definitely get Mass Effect 3, but haven't pre-ordered yet.

And depending on how much money I have at the time, I may also get Kid Icarus Uprising or Mario Party 9 (been looking for a good multiplayer game which is actually fun to play with people around [so not having to focus on the game too much], that depends on what reviewers and people say about the changes to see if it fixes the things I found lacking in the previous ones.

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I have Diablo 3 pre-ordered on Amazon. I know I will buy Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Max Payne 3, the next Assassin's Creed, Metro 2033: Last Light, Darksiders 2... though more than probably not on release. I'll wait till they are cheap enough, around €20. GTA V... meh, I don't know. I have IV + Episodes on both 360 and PC, never touched either of them.

Edit: Oh, it's just Q1. Completely misread the title. Well, I don't know what's coming when... so that's that.

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Mass Effect 3.

Reckoning is straight out after that demo and I've already finished Xenoblade. Diablo 3 is the only other I'm interested in, but I doubt it'll be a Q1 game.

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I will most likely get Mass Effect 3 and will get The Darkness 2 (when it drops in price cause it will probably go to $40 relatively soon after release). I have an eye out for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Xenoblade and possible getting FF13 and eventually getting FF13-2 later.

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Mass Effect 3

Max Payne 3

Kingdoms of Amalur

Twisted Metal

Of course I would also get Diablo III and Bioshock in the unlikely event they release in Q1.

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Diablo 3 CE.

However haven't preordered but Twisted Metal.

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Yeah, true Max Payne 3 technically isn't coming out in Q1 anymore, but if you want to pre-order the Special Edition, you had to have ordered it this month to guarentee a copy of it, so I did just that. Only reason I pre-ordered it. As for Syndicate...$20 is a nice freebie, and Nick Diaz is one of my favorite fighters, so when I heard he was a GameStop exclusive DLC character, I had to (reluctantly) pre-order.

I want Kingdoms of Amalur, but I feel like I won't have much time to dig into it, and not having a job doesn't help matters.