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I'll start. After watching the Dead Island quick look I had the (often reoccurring) idea about how quests should be designed. Stop making me go get stuff for you that you can get yourself. "I need you to go get me X" "Bitch, literally nothing is stopping you from getting X yourself." unless your character is some kind of delivery man. Give me a plausible reason why I need to do this quest. It creates an odd feeling of you being the only competent person in the whole world your game takes place in.

"We need gas to burn these bodies. Drive to the gas station to bring some back."

"Bitch, just take it out of this truck right here."

"We can't risk running out for the truck. It's a lot easier to get gas from the station back here with the truck IN CASE we need it, rather than doing it on foot."

And they need to tell you why you can't or can do something or give you the ability to find out why unless its blantly obvious. If not, you're having to fan wank the story back into plausibility so as not to break the logic of the world.