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I've been waiting for this for a very long time. They're really neat people as evidenced during the development of Quest for Glory 5 and I'm positive they'll deliver a great project!

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damn these people got eccentric hats

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I wondered when the Coles would resurface.

This is great news indeed! Quest for Glory was one heck of a series.

I wish though they kept the trope of being able to customize the player character though.

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Holy shit. This just made my motherfucking year. Love the Quest for Glory games.

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Coming down to the wire.

~15 hours to go and and ~94% funded.

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The childish fanboy in me demands to know why this wasn't funded within hours.

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Yeah I know what you mean.

To be fair the Coles have been out of the public eye for a very long time, they basically missed a whole generation of gamers. Plus they didn't have the GfQ branding for this project. And unlike Lucas/telltale, Activision/Sierra has done nothing material to keep those games out there in people's minds. That's three strikes against Kickstarter momentum that Tim Schafer didn't have.

What I do hope though is that this game (assuming it does get funded) is just the start of their comeback. Just might have to reintroduce themselves and their world to today's youth first.

I think Hero-U is going to get funded, they picked up another 0.5% of their goal just in the last twenty minutes.

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@Slag: Yeah. I think you've nailed the most prominent reasons. Even Al Lowe has had a minor online presence since Sierra, but the Coles and the Two Guys From Andromeda just sorta disappeared.

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