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So I have two Sega Saturn games.

Dragon Force


Shining Force III

They seem to be selling for about $100 on Ebay right now and I was wondering if that price would hold on just the disks. None of the listings are just the disk, but with the case and manual. Do any of you guys know what the worth would be of just the CD as opposed to the whole package? The two things I'm thinking about doing is either selling them or buying a Saturn and playing them. Thanks.

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Significantly lower. Complete games are more valuable.



Both are around 70 USD each as Disk only. Check Amazon for Pricing as well.

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Thanks for those links. I had a bit of trouble finding caseless games through regular ebay searches.

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No problem, when I would sell games it was usually on Amazon, eBay and Half.com (eBay owns Half; just no listing fee and it's only for Media/Books).

Figure 25-30% off for lack of Manual/Case.