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So I picked up a new computer recently, and I'm attempting to begin the process of re-installing my games. So I come across Shogun 2, rad game, and I try to download it. Well, turns out you have to have steam to download it. Awesome. So I make a steam account, go through all that crap, and thus there's an install button. Well, go fucking figure it's the steam summer sales, and the servers are too busy. That been said, the DL time is approx 18 hours too.

Even more awesome.

So, TL:DR>> Is there a way to download Shogun Total War 2, without having to go through the stupid fucking process of downloading it off steam.

EDIT: > I have a DVD <

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Unless you have the DVD then no.

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if you know someone with shogun 2, get them to make a backup for you then just restore that.

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@Dagbiker: Yep, have a dvd, and just re-attempted after reading your comment. And same message pops up, or "Servers are too busy to handle your request". wat

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You shouldn't have to download if you have the dvd, I installed Skyrim just fine off the dvd.

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I never tried installing from DVD, but from what I hear you should be able to. Perhaps it just needs to verify your info.

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Have you tried changing your download region? I know that sometimes fixes the problem.

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I'm considering yanking out this ethernet cable and seeing what happens.

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@RivenD3ll said:

I'm considering yanking out this ethernet cable and seeing what happens.

Oddly enough, that might work. That will put steam into offline mode, or alternatively you could try putting it into offline mode your self.

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This is online auth installation DRM. Basically your game is phoning Steam and requesting permission to install with your Steam account / cd key combo. Steam is busy right now so you're not getting through and so no reply comes back. No green light = you can't install. The odd bit is the 18 hour download time, it should be using the assets on the DVD to install the game and then Steam will patch it (this does occasionally make Steam show you a progress bar saying it needs to download X GB but then it realises you already have most of it and the progress bar jumps about a bit in a messed up patching visualisation, but I though that had been fixed).

Basically you keep plugging away at the auth button until Steam responds and then you'll be able to install. Welcome to PC gaming: the pirates are scary so the publishers make life worse for us actual paying customers, go figure (also see: me watching an unskippable warning about the FBI and US law at the start of some blu ray I own despite the fact I live in the UK and the blu ray was rated and purchased in the UK where the FBI have no jurisdiction - I'm having my time wasted for a piracy notice that isn't even accurate).

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Just pirate the damn game, you already bought it so who cares if you download it from Steam or a torrent. :P

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Yeah, going apeshit on the ethernet cable didn't work either. Oh well, and turns out it requires a internet connection to install. Fancy that. Anywho, thanks for the feedback all, and I'll be spending the next, oh 30 minutes spamfucking the install button on a game I bought.

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Kill steam, wait half an hour, try again. Peak sales can cause issues but they rarely last long.

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@RivenD3ll: Surprising you are having any trouble downloading at all. I have purchased maybe 7-8 games so far and began the download process immediately with 4.7mb/s speeds as usual. Are you sure your internet wasn't just PMSing?

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Yeah i'm currently downloading Saints Row at 2mb/s... not sure why Steam is giving you issues. Only time I have issues are right around when the sale flips over to the next day.

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@RivenD3ll: Try this.

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That's weird that you'd have to download it if you have the disk. Maybe it's downloading the patches for it?