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I would like to submit some images.  However I was wondering if copyright would be an issue.  I'm assuming that people are just finding images on other sites, downloading them and then submitting them.  Is that OK to do?

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From the Help section:
Also, how do you submit images?! I can't figure it out.

Image upload best practices

Do not submit images with watermarks! Submit high rez images under 1 meg in size whenever possible.

  • Images can include box art, screenshots, concept art, fan art, and more. When uploading images, we strongly encourage users to either associate their images with an appropriate gallery, or create a new gallery when necessary.
  • Avoid adding images tagged or watermarked with other sites' URLs.
  • No nudity or nudity related fan art on the site. The exception is for nudity that is IN-GAME in the store bought version of the game.

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So any images are fine as long as they meet that criteria?

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pretty much. If you have any other questions on uploading images ask in this thread