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I bought a PS3 a few months ago to play the PS3 exclusives and I bought Gran Turismo 5. I used to play the old Gran Turismo games and loved them but I switched to Forza when I got my 360. I currently have the standard Xbox 360 racing wheel and I really like it but I want something with a clutch pedal and manual gearbox so I was contemplating getting the Logitech G27. My only question is whether it would be worth getting this now with the new consoles coming out since it probably won't be compatible with the PS4 and I would only play one game with it (Gran Turismo 5). Hopefully they make more wheels like this for the new consoles, especially for the Xbox One as I prefer Forza at the moment.

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Actually its not known what games will support it for sure but Sony said this about backwards compatibility for PS3 wheels.

Will PS3 peripherals such as fighting sticks and steering wheels work with PS4?

"Generally speaking, no. However, at launch, users will be able to use these controllers if a specific game title allows it to be used within the game. This decision is upon the game developer and will vary from game to game."

Here's a link to the page this is on. Link

So basically from that i gather that games can support them if the developer desiers to, which i cant see why they woulden't. Take that as you will, i know i ordered a g27 to replace my DFGT today so im hoping for the same thing.

Also found this, but im unsure if its a refutable source. Link

All PS3 compatible wheels to work on PS4

Posted on 19/06/2013

Col Rodgers, Game Director on upcoming PS4 racing game DriveClub, has confirmed all current commercial racing wheels compatible with PlayStation 3 will also be fully compatible with PlayStation 4.

Doubts about compatibility started to arise a month ago when Microsoft announced their new XBOX One isn’t going to be compatible with any XBOX360 accessories, including their own Microsoft Wheel or current wheels from companies like Fanatec and MadCatz.

Fortunately racing wheel owners interested in PS4 have nothing to worry about.

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Cool thanks! I'll probably wait on this either way. I appreciate the info Sanity.

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Yea from what I gathered over the past few months is what was said above.

Sounds like for PS4 it's up to the developer of the game if they support a certain wheel. The Gran Turismo series I imagine will very likely support the Logitech G wheels (excellent choice btw) if the other games are anything to go by. They support like old old Playstation/Gran Turismo branded wheels all the way back to like GT3 era stuff I think. I do have a G25 actually and I had meant to try to see if it would work with NFS Rivals.. but I haven't got around to it :/

Xbox on the other hand is stupid. As far as I've been able to see, it will only support wheels built with Xbox One compatibility, just like they did for the X360. So all the money people invested in crazy expensive wheel setups that would work on 360/PS3/PC, won't work on Xbone. At least for now.. who knows what sort of crazy electrical contraption some person on the net might make that allows other wheels to work with the system.

I hate Microsoft for doing all of this proprietary horse crap.

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The wheel will most likely work with GT games on PS4. Maybe not all games, but with GT games it should. The wheel was never licensed for Playstation 3, but yet it still worked. So there's no reason to think it won't work with PS4.

If you are buying it just to have a clutch, I would recommend against buying it. Most games don't support a clutch at all, only GT does. And clutch mode sucks in GT, it just doesn't work well. In a real car you can drag the shifter out of gear as you press the clutch, GT doesn't allow this. So you have to depress the clutch first, then move the shifter, then let the clutch out. It's rather slow. There are also cars with progressive gearboxes where you only need the clutch to start out or stop, and in some others you only need it to downshift, you can upshift without the clutch (or even flat). GT doesn't support that either.

Clutch mode works slightly better in Forza, but Forza doesn't support Logitech wheels. Hell, Forza doesn't even support the Fanatecs from Forza 3/4 (I have a 911 Turbo S wheel too, and Fanatec even gave me a cable to use my G25 pedals with it). I was preferring Forza lately, but now MS has completely pissed me off.