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It was mentioned in the podcast that you don't  want  people submitting existing content to the site but what if you wanted to post something YOU have written only it has already been published elsewhere, like a review?

Also unrelated question: how do I put spaces in my display name?

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I have no idea, it might be mentioned in the TOS of the said website, personally i think you could argue against it, as its your own work, however im not sure, and im certainly not aware of legal copyright issues in regards to user submitted content.

Best bet is read the websites TOS, if you cant find anything, go ahead.

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If it's your own work and you still maintain copyright over that work then there should be no problem with it.
On the other hand, if, by accepting the TOS of that other site, you automatically hand over copyright to the owners of the site, then no, you shouldn't add it here, unless you request the review be removed first.

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Yeah, if you created and own the content, or are the original creator and thus own it, then there is no reason why you can't copy and paste.

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I have lots of reviews on GS, and some that are only on my other blog but I posted them here anyway.

It would be stupid if GS had a rule that THEY now completely own that review

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Yeah it's not so much a question of ownership as the thing I was thinking of posting is 100% mine copyright-wise, though I could still see the argument against reposting existing material even if it's your own work. However, the Bomb's interlinked nature I think makes it worthwhile to post stuff that would be more isolated elsewhere...