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Finally got around to making a highlight reel of one of the funniest QL's I've seen this year. It's a real classic. Best moment is at around 3:00 minutes in. Enjoy!

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I remember this

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Anytime Vinny laughs uncontrollably are the best moments.

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That is this years "Giant launching a bear into space in Skyrim" quick look moment.

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"The" moment is really great, but otherwise it is a pretty run of the mill quicklook. Although, Vinny QLs are special in themselves for me.

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"Lets watch a pro....BOOM!!! (laughter)". Gets me every time, that Ravaged QL was the best.

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Well done, duder.

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I don't remember this Quick Look but I'm so fuckin' happy I saw that "learning from a pro" moment.

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QL moment of the year for sure.

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even Brad was losing it, which doesn't happen nearly as often.

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I knew exactly what that moment at 3:00 was going to be, and I still utterly lost it XD

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@IcyEyes: QT's ? i agree vinny is a cutie but ryan isnt my type

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The sound it makes at 3 minutes is perfect.

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Man, I genuinely forgot how many attempts they made at figuring out the flying. Quick Look Gold.

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@envane said:

@IcyEyes: QT's ? i agree vinny is a cutie but ryan isnt my type

Oops, I'm a little dyslexic... fixed it.

I'd also say that the way Brad takes everything so literal is comedy in itself "watch your yaw, level out LEVEL OUT!" LOL. You'd think he was about to die.