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Another year is almost over and people are talking about Game of the Year again.Looking back, I noticed once more that gaming to me is more than playing games by myself or with friends. It is also about reviews, discussions, trailers and news. And since this is Giant Bomb it is about awesome content by The Guys like Quick Looks, TNT, event coverage and features. This is why I would like to gather thoughts and opinions from the community on what the best moments were here at Giant Bomb in 2011.Here are the categories I came up with:
  • Quick Look of the Year
  • Feature of the Year (Video; including panels, event coverage, interviews, ...)
  • Review of the Year (Written and Video)
  • Bombcast of the Year
  • Story of the Year
  • Livestream of the Year (free only)
  • Premium Content of the Year
  • Piece of Content of the Year (POCOTY - picked in a final vote from the winners of the other awards)
It would be really cool if you shared your thoughts on these categories and participated in the vote. Thanks! <>


What is your favorite Quick Look of 2011?

  • Name one nominee for the final poll of the Top 5 which will go up tomorrow.
  • This nomination closes at noon PST on 12/10/2011.
  • In case you need a reminder: Here is Turboman's blog with some awesome Best Ofs.
  • Please chose only one Quick Look as additional picks will not count.
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The skyrim quicklook was awesome, if only for the bit with the sabretooth tiger.

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i really like the kinect quicklooks.

even though kinect looks like diarrhoea they always make really enjoyable and funny video's. and always manage to look like signed TV shows for deaf.

not sure which one though, but i will arbitrarily pick the Self Defense one

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@Slaker117 said:


yeah its really hard to beat this one

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Anyone got a list? Its hard to remember offhand.

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There were a lot of good ones this year. Skyrim, Skytrain, Dickpunch, Wavy tubeman chronicles, deadliest warrior:legends, Garshasp.... I could probably find a few more.

As to which one is the best one? I don't really know. I think I'm going with Wavy Tubeman, just because its so fucking insane.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2

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I think Turboman is the only one here with any authority on this.

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@TobbRobb: You mean the Gunstringer QL?

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@PenguinDoctor said:

Test Drive Unlimited 2

My thoughts exactly.

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Sky train!

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@LordXavierBritish: Turboman?

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All aboard the Sky Train! CHU CHU!

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Apples to Apples!

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  • The $1,000,000 Pyramid
  • Test Drive Unlimited 2
  • Dark Souls
  • Train Simulator 2012: Trains vs. Zombies

I remember liking those 4 the best...I'll have to rewatch those to pick a winner.

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@Tesla: please pick one

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Apples to Apples and Train Simulator 2012: Trains vs. Zombies stand out for me.

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1 - Test Drive Unlimited 2

2 - Train Simulator 2012: Trains vs. Zombies

3 - Skyrim

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@kortex: I'm gonna go with The $1,000,000 Pyramid.

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I don't even remember why exactly, but Test Drive Unlimited 2 always stuck in my memory.

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I say Dark Souls. Funny AND informative.

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Family Feud 2012 edition.

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Does Gal Gun count? If not then I'd probably go with Train Simulator

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Almost forgot my own pick: Il 2 Sturmovik

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Skyrim. Hands down. The giant encounter is the hardest I've laughed while watching a video this year. I was already laughing when Jeff was providing the voice of the giant ant then it got way better!

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@Claude: I see. Could be helpful to remind people of some of the awesome madness. will include it in the initial post. Thanks!

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I'm going with the Apples to Apples QL.

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Wasent the crazy microsoft poker fmv game this year?

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I got a kick out of Wappy Dog.

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@mattjam3000: That was in December 2010, unfortunately. would have been a hot contestant. so good =D

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@mattjam3000: Multimedia Celebrity Poker's QL was posted on December 9, 2010. Is that outside of last year's jurisdiction?

EDIT:@kortex: Aww...

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Hulk Hogan's The Main Event was pretty good.

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Skyrim or Skytrain, i can't decide

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Skytrain, or Apples to Apples, for me.

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I forgot to add mine. I really liked the Skyrim Quick Look.

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OK i am going for the Skytrain

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Family Feud

Train Simulator Zombie DLC

Hulk Hogan's Main Event

Yoostar 2

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Skylanders. Duh.

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I loved the Apples to Apples QL, though that was recent so it's easy to remember.

Dark Souls is the only one this year I've actually rewatched, so maybe that one.