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I've been wondering this for a while now, and thought this would be the best place to get an answer:

So, as a premium member, if I decide not to log into my account to watch free content (quick looks for example), and watch the associated ads, does this provide any extra financial benefit to Giantbomb?

Basically, I am trying to figure out if I can maximize the financial benefit to the site by pulling double-duty, by being a Premium Member, and also watching the ads before videos while I am not logged in.

I'm just not sure how the model is structured. Does anyone now if advertisers pay based on the amount of times an ad is watched?


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@agn0sis said:

I'm just not sure how the model is structure. Does anyone now if advertisers pay based on the amount of times an ad is watched?

This really depends a lot on various things. @rorie might have an answer, but seriously, if you're paying for premium, you're probably doing a lot more than you'd be doing watching all videos that come to the site with ads.

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what nobel intentions. i kinda have to salute you for the commitment

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My understanding is you would be doing double-duty. If you really are that focused on spending your money to support Giant Bomb I would recommend gifting a yearly membership to friends or some users that you think should get props.

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Buy a t-shirt or something instead, it'd be way easier.

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If you're viewing an ad then I'd imagine you're supporting them. I guess the other option would be to hold multiple accounts (technically against the rules) which are each subscribed. Gifting to other members would make more sense in that regard, but I can see where you wouldn't necessarily want to spend your own money for multiple subscriptions rather than the "free" option of just being inconvenienced by ads.

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Duder, wow. Ok.

I'm on the side of "Buy a T-Shirt" or "Gift a Sub".

Time is money.

Money is luck.

Luck just ran out.

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Because of the structure of this site you paying a subscription begets them way more than you watching ads.

You could do that if you want, though. It's kind of crazy, and they aren't in dire straits so they don't need it, but you can if you really want to (it does support the site if you do).

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Cool! I appreciate everyone's reply.

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OH! Collusion!

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It was mentioned earlier but I'll add my piece on gifting memberships being a popular alternative; back in the Whiskey days I think very active members not on membership had a gifty-looking thing near their name where you could sponsor their membership!

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I'm definitely not interested in seeing traditional display advertising — mostly because they invariably look like shit — but I'm fully on-board with ads on the Bombcast (even without Small Business Man).

This is slightly off-topic, but I'd also be open to the site adopting other kinds of revenue streams that could potentially target both subscribers and non-paying members. For example, I'd be fine with them adding affiliate links to the "New Games" page.

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Speaking of unique sponsorship deals, I did remember once upon a time WHEN WE HAD QUESTS ON THIS SITE (may God bless their souls) and they did a sponsored quest with Best Buy.

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Dude you are crazy, while it's noble and the bomb crew are awesome and great it's still just a videogame website. Going double duty like that is very strange to me. But do what you want I guess.

Just remember they are getting paid either way via ads and subs. This is not a charity site.

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From what I know, the revenue they earn from an ad view is negligible when compared to your membership payments. It's not worth the inconvenience.