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There seems to be a lot of members on here, wanting to donate to Giant Bomb and are doing so because they feel they should support them.  There are cash limits on how much you can ultimate pay to support them, from 5 dollars a month or fifty a year, I've seen posters here and there stating that they would gladly donate more money. Now, some of us either don't have the money to actually spare for a subscription or for some reason are for lack of a better word boycotting it. However I was thinking that there is a way to allow subscribers to donate more money than they are right now.
What if we made it so that members are able to gift a subscriptions to other members on the site, it allows those who want to donate more a means to do so.

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It's a nice idea but I think Whiskey Media and Giant Bomb seem more interested in doing business with their users rather than receiving charity.

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They should just set up a merchandise shop

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boycotting ftw
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Gifting wouldn't be a bad idea, simply because having the option can't hurt, but I doubt many people would buy strangers subscriptions.

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GB and Whiskey Media are businesses. I really cannot see why people do not understand this.
They are not interested in what you want, they are interested in what will make more money.

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@sodiumCyclops:  Looks like I love GiantBomb for all the wrong reasons then.
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I wouldn't look at this membership thing so much as a dontation, more as a, well, membership.  
They don't want charity.
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@sodiumCyclops: No business will function without a market, if they don't listen to the community, whom they rely on for  their advertising and revenue, they'll sink. What we want is extremely important.
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@sodiumCyclops: @RoyCampbell: I think  sodiumCyclops is completely wrong about the reasons why. They want to give us what we want, and to do so, they need to make money. Running this business is not cheap, and we demand a lot as users. These guys also need to be compensated properly for what they do. Even as a non-subbed user, you will get more high quality content than any other group on the internet. The subbed users just get a few extra perks.
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@sodiumCyclops: So you're saying the BLLSL was a big money-grabbing scheme and not at all a fun thing for the community?  If so, I really hope more business invite me over for beer in an attempt to make money.
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@SquadBroken said:
" They should just set up a merchandise shop "
Amen to that, brilliant idea.
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Gifting subscriptions would be awesome. Whiskey and GB are still getting money either way, and it helps out the monetarily less fortunate in the community ... not that I am subtly hinting or anything. :-)

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@SquadBroken said:

" They should just set up a merchandise shop "

They did. 50 bucks for a shirt.
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The main problem I have with gifting subscriptions is that it is impossible to tell over the internet whether a person really can't afford one or if they just don't want to pay.

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@DrPockets000: Good for you. Who are you to say it's not a money grabbing scheme?
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@sodiumCyclops: Who are you to say that it was?
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I don't see a reason why that would be a problem on whether or not someone has the money to pay for a subscription. In the end it comes down to the fact that what this money is being used for is Giantbomb. If they don't have the money to purchase one then they weren't going to be spending 50 dollars on a yearly Subscription and that's 50 dollars Giantbomb wouldn't have received, Gifting a subscription still sends the money to GB which they wouldn't have already gotten. Same goes to those who weren't going to pay, GB wouldn't have received any money from them and gifting someone a subscription would ultimately take the money back into GB's hands as though they were bought by someone for themselves.
I don't expect people to randomly gift a subscription to just anyone, it would end up being sent to someone that the user is familiar with on the site, someone you talk to on a fairly regular basis.
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@nushi said:
" @sodiumCyclops: No business will function without a market, if they don't listen to the community, whom they rely on for  their advertising and revenue, they'll sink. What we want is extremely important. "
This is true, and  companies do put plenty of money into consumer research - however this usually means that a company will know what the consumer wants... and instead of giving them all they want... they just give the bare minimum so the consumer will still pay. Later on, they release a minor upgrade of some sort to encourage more sales and seem like they are still working on the side of the people who are paying. 
It seems like this is the case here - as there isn't really any substantial benefit to subscribing... but perhaps that may come later. I had mentioned in other posts that for a site like this - they must strike a careful balance between the content they release for free users vs. subscribers to maintain the current user count they have on the site.