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When I started playing Rage I was blown away by the engine. Not only this I thought it was neat that Id payed homage to the old games like Doom. They have a sense of humor and it shows.

Driving through the wasteland and exploring pockets of vast land, I was encumbered with the idea that this was a pretty massive game.

Not only this but the fun was just about to start.

My introduction into the town of Wellspring was awesome. The detailed town featured beautiful water, lighting, and other wise gorgeous finite details. This was Rage. A game where it throw most conventions out the window and nestled in as a first person shooter. Id is known for the greatest FPS design and execution because they have been at it since the Wolfenstein days.

Pros: There were powerful guns which Id is known for. There were wingsticks, a boomerang death-a-rang that would decapitate foe after foe. Although in Rage's case it was mainly mutant head staring you down when it was dislodged from the shoulders. Literally, it was just a pair of shoulders and legs on the ground. There was homage to the ever powerful BFG (Big Fucking Gun). The ammo was varied from electro rounds, to steel rounds, to feltrite rounds. The varying of the ammo made it fun to make it useful to a situation.

The vehicles in the game handled like a cart racer. In fact, Mario Kart might be jealous of the sheer fluidity of how the cars steered.


The NPC's were beautifully made. But there was no instant connection with them like in Half Life 2. They were a tad lifeless at time and just weren't very movable. But to Rage's credit the living breathing world feel to me was felt. I felt that walking around you got a sense of the world as a whole. It was grim yet kind of colorful.

The story. The story in the beginning was neat. Yes, Id we know you're always mans last chance at surviving and restoring what man once was. Yes, we know you are by yourself ...or are you? The pacing of the story was established well until the end. I am not revealing the end.

You'll have to play the game. But the romp of a good time that was Rage was amazingly crafted. It made it so the gamer new that there was gore ahead. From decapitating mutants, to firing HE rockets at raiders or as they are called in this game bandits was a blast. Rage if nothing else is not pure entertainment it is fun. Something that the game industry must understand from here on out. I am tired of tireless FPS's that have bleak backgrounds and predictable characters. If you make a game go back to the core of what made that game great. As bread and butter goes Rage was crafted with purpose but lacked how Rage could have ended. In a way when I beat the game I was like "What the fuck?"

It left me wondering. Id has never been one for stories but they attempted something new. I'm glad they did. With Doom 4 on the horizon Rage will hold you till then. I'll see ya on the ARC.



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Yeah Rage ending was ???