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Consider playing Bioforge. This is one of the first PC Games I remember playing and it was amazing.


"BioForge centers mainly on exploration and puzzle solving using items, and also on fighting and interaction with NPCs. The ultimate goal of the game is not obvious at the beginning, since the player is unaware of his identity, which depends on his actions during the game. The player has full control over the main character's actions"

The controls are pretty wacky and the combat is hilarious. A friend of mine, who would love to try and makes games do weird things by mashing buttons, discovered a way to make you character freeze in mid air, levitating and then he would rotate around. I couldn't stop laughing playing this game. Oh, and early on in the game you get to beat up a dude with his own arm.

some gameplay here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuRkDvMku1o

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Never heard of this, but why would you link the game outside? Especially when some kind soul has done such good work on the wiki here

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So he beats that dude to death with his own arms and then says, "I'm sorry my friend, we are both victims you and I" Lol :P

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@kalmis: my bad, he did do a great job adding it to the wiki

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@BlinkyTM: "I have no wish to harm you!" as he beats him with his own arm.

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@lawgiver said:

@BlinkyTM: "I have no wish to harm you!" as he beats him with his own arm.

Is that what he said? Lol, that makes it even better. :P