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@GunstarRed said:

I recently just got The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, it's definitey gettable, and I hear it's much rarer in the US than here, but I definitely spent a questionable amount on it. Mega Man legends 2 seems to be quite hard to get now also.

I was coming here to post that. I bought it for $80 on Amazon (USA) a few years ago (complete with case and manual), but it seems to have gone up to around $140 for just the disk.A friend of mine picked it up for $8 when we were kids. I'm not sure he realizes how much it's worth nowadays.

It's a shame that so few people will have a chance to play one of the best Playstation games out there.

#102 Posted by psylah (2187 posts) -

_________________________I have a rom dump of Polybius.________________________

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@SagaciousJones: I don't really know how much rarer the US version is, but It cost about £42 which is $66 without the manual. And looking around it seems I got it cheaper than it usually goes for.

Steal his copy and sell it.

#104 Posted by gaminghooligan (1483 posts) -

I have a sealed copy of Fallout 2. I got two copies as gifts and never returned the extra. Now I just keep it on the shelf with my other gaming stuff.

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@FriskyHeadCrab said:

@Kidavenger said:

The Neverhood probably, I doubt it sold very well when it came out.

I also have Star Control for the Genesis, Sengoku for the Neo Geo and Military Madness for the TG16 which were probably all very low sellers when they came out.

I see your copy of the Neverhood, and raise you a PSX copy of Skullmonkeys. I friggin love this game.

I also have Skullmonkeys it was the best Christmas present that I didn't ask for ever. So maybe that.

I also have the preorder disk from Wind Water containing OoT and Master Quest which is probably my rarest in quantity item but price I don't know.

My complete set of .hack// games is also worth a pretty penny online. You can find those games locally and for cheap but is highly unlikely to stumble across the full set and online sellers take full advantage of the fact that their one game might complete your set. Also the first four games came with anime dvds which you probably want which may or may not come with any used copy you buy. I also have the rarest part of that set which is the Terminal Disk which contains important lore to the games that only came with the special edition of the first game in the second series in the states.

In time, however, my answer to this question will probably be my copy of Radiant Historia since that game is pretty much destined to become a legend in the jrpg genre and it is pretty much the true successor to Chrono Trigger. It is highly unlikely to ever see a digital release.

But really I'm probably wrong on all accounts since some random dumb game that I own is likely actually my rarest.

#106 Posted by ShaggE (6728 posts) -

I'm sure my old collection of obscure PC games had some rare stuff in it, but unfortunately they've been lost over the years.

This does bring up a question, though: How rare is the original 2-disc version of Blood (with the Type O Negative video and such)? I hear it didn't have a long run on shelves, but did that version ever get re-released?

#107 Posted by Jrinswand (1711 posts) -

None, really. Most of my game collection is on Steam. I did have a copy of System Shock 2 last semester, but when I tried to install it my computer thought it was spyware, so I sold it for like $20 or something.

#108 Posted by BSw (258 posts) -

I still have a bunch of Gameboy (the original one) games like Kirby's Dream Land, Peter Pan, Micro Machines, and Sumo Fighter, they're probably pretty rare by now. Same for some old pc games. More current, a copy of Psychonauts for the Xbox, seeing as I had to put quite some effort into finding it secondhand a couple of years ago.

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The first Driver on PS1..dunno if it's rare though

EDIT: On an extra note..anyone got the E.T. Game?

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There's a copy of Pikmin 2 selling for $36 on ebay right now so I guess it must be somewhat rare? I have that.

There is a lot of Earthbound in this thread, I'm jealous.

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Is a copy of the Original Legend of Zelda Golden Cartridge counting as "rare" now-a-days?

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I have no idea. I guess not since that's what I was about to say.

It has red blood and the so-called muslim chanting in the Fire Temple and everything!

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#115 Posted by Hunter5024 (5983 posts) -

I don't think any of my games are particularly rare. I have black label copies of FF7, 8, and 9, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Those are the only valuable ones I think. Radiant Dawn cost me like $45 despite being a several year old wii game, so maybe that too?

#116 Posted by kadash299 (282 posts) -

I also have Snake's Revenge for the NES.. Apparently thats pretty rare?

#117 Posted by chrissedoff (2167 posts) -

Inca and Inca II are probably two games that I own that I bet almost nobody else in this thread has.

#118 Posted by Nictel (2444 posts) -

Ebay made me realize I should have bought 2 copies of every SNES game and keep one factory sealed..

Other than that I don't believe I really have rare games

#119 Posted by Tophat666 (236 posts) -

Gold carts of Ocarina of Time, Majora Mask, Zelda's 1 & 2(& also a copy of Link to the Past). As well as both Master Quest & the Zelda Collection disc.

A 360 copy of the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid HD Collection sighed by Hideo Kojima & Yoji Shinkawa.

#120 Posted by TooWalrus (13258 posts) -

@Tophat666: I'm not sure they ever released a gray cart version of Majora's Mask (in the states, at least).

#121 Posted by paulwade1984 (479 posts) -

I sold my metal gear solid twin snakes on e-bay. That was a mistake.

I have an original ico.

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I'm not sure on the rarity level of most things. I heard Jeff mention Mischief Makers on the Friday show last week -- I have that one. So, yay!

@TooWalrus said:

@Tophat666: I'm not sure they ever released a gray cart version of Majora's Mask (in the states, at least).

If I remember right, they're all gold, but only the 'first print' of Majora's Mask had the holographic label? I don't know if that's true or not, since that's the only one I have.

#123 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6408 posts) -

I have all of the main Suikoden games in great condition, with their original packaging and their instruction manuals. I'm sure they'll see a re-release at some point, but for now, they're pretty much the rarest games I own.

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#125 Posted by Korwin (3047 posts) -

System Shock 2 probably.

#126 Posted by Senno (73 posts) -

I have a sealed copy of Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath for Xbox. I also have a sealed copy of Christmas Nights for Sega Saturn.

#127 Posted by Dagbiker (6978 posts) -

Jet Force Gemini. - That thing is priceless.

#128 Posted by CatsAkimbo (645 posts) -

It's not a game, but I have a CD from Blizzard with media for Starcraft Ghost.

#129 Posted by Zuldim (287 posts) -

Probably the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess. It's not super rare, but they didn't print too many of them, compared to the Wii version.

#130 Posted by bybeach (5009 posts) -

I'll have to look, but I have(besides SS2) that last stand alone expansion(I believe) of Alien VS Predator 2....the Lady Russian soldier. The battle with the turrents at the end(and her fustrated boy friend) I still remember.

#131 Posted by Lunance (15 posts) -

I guess it must be my Pokemon Blue or Under A Killing Moon. Nothing new.

#132 Posted by BillyTheKid (486 posts) -

@nintendoeats said:

EDIT: Oh, Steel Battalion probably counts too.

He said games, not pieces of shit.

The "rarest" I would have would be a gold cart of The Legend of Zelda on NES, though that is not really rare at all.

#133 Posted by Tophat666 (236 posts) -

@TooWalrus: Yeah, the standard version of Majoras Mask was gold too, but I have the holographic first run cart.

Oh i forgot, a complet box & manual copy of Donkey Kong Country 2.

#134 Edited by Tarsier (1078 posts) -

i have a bunch of dusty sega saturn games.

panzer dragoon, virtua fighter, bug!, some racing game..

street fighter (the movie version)

#135 Edited by mcmax3000 (290 posts) -

I think the most obscure game I own is a Collector's Edition copy of Mass Effect.

In he US, that's probably not very obscure, but here in Canada, it was only offered by one retailer, only online, and only via pre-order (as they only got one shipment as far as I know), so to be a Canadian with one of those is pretty rare.

I also have a Collector's Edition copy of Forza Motorsport 2, which is kind of obscure as it was never sold in the US, but it wasn't overly hard to find here.

#136 Posted by FonkyMucker (156 posts) -

I have a copy of Orge Battle 64 that came along with my fiances N64. She never liked it and couldn't remember how she got it, but I knew it was a rare gem. Fired up the N64 and tried to play it and realized tactic games on the 64 sucked.

So if anyone wants a copy of Orge Battle 64 let me know......I don't give a shit!

I also have a signed copy of The Gunslinger along with a custom painted Kinect that I won at PAX East last year, which I was super pumped to win because I love all that Twisted Pixel does. Fired up the Xbox 360 and tried to play it and realized that Kinect sucks. Ended up pulling a muscle in my arm from trying to fire my fake gun, but soldier on and finished the game.

So if anyone wants a copy of Kinect Adventure that came with the Kinec let me know......I don't give a shit!

#137 Posted by Unequivocable (225 posts) -

Suikoden I & II (which judging by this thread are the most common rare games)

Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant (which might not be rare exactly, but they were both harder to find at the time I picked them up)

#138 Posted by mcmax3000 (290 posts) -

@Svenzon said:

I'm told the PC version of Final Fantasy VII is kinda rare. Probably the only rare game I've got.

Is it? Darn... I had a copy of that back when it was fairly new, but I gave it to a friend years ago, because my interest in Japanese RPGs is zero.

#139 Edited by NMC2008 (1237 posts) -

I dunno really.

Let me know boys and girls.

The Adventures of Willy Beamish - Sega CD

Albert Odyssey - SAT

Shining Wisdom JPN - SAT

Shining The Holy Ark - SAT

Shinobi Legions -SAT

Tokimeki Memorial - SAT

Sakura Wars - SAT

Ready 2 Rumble - Defective Version - DCast

Konami Antiques - SAT

MvC 2 JPN - DCast

thats all I can think of off the top of my head, I don't think any of this is rare but I dunno.

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My PS2 copy of Rez might be getting a bit rare now that I think of it. I still prefer the original to the HD revision. They did some strange things with the sound mix in the HD version that I don't care for. The guitar during the boss in area 3? or is it 4? The one that has a distorted guitar part... they mixed the guitar too loud in HD version, sounds bad. Also boss in area 1 sounds wrong to me in HD version as well.

Rez is one of only a couple games I am obsessed with enough to care about slight differences in sound mix. :p

#141 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2621 posts) -

I guess either my Black Label FFVII or the Zelda Master Quest thing for GC.

#142 Posted by ch3burashka (5264 posts) -

I have ICO, that's about as rare as my collection gets. I "wasn't there" to collect at the time, and now all I want is quality game experiences: I'm not interested in collecting just yet. Maybe some day.

#143 Posted by hakunin (397 posts) -
@CH3BURASHKA: I'm curious, US or European version?
#144 Posted by JJOR64 (19071 posts) -

Probably Earthbound.

#145 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -

@BillyTheKid said:

@nintendoeats said:

EDIT: Oh, Steel Battalion probably counts too.

He said games, not pieces of shit.

My opinion on that judgement is that fuck you. Steel Battalion is a very cool thing.

#146 Posted by paulwade1984 (479 posts) -

Oh yeah. I have system shock 2 with box and manual.

star trek voyager:elite force

#147 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6403 posts) -

Demon's Souls and that's not rare at all.

#148 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1247 posts) -

I just came across a copy of Starcraft 64 at a local used games store. I immediately bought it and played it for a bit. Also, got Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY for Xbox which I guess is kinda rare.

#149 Posted by bkfountain (103 posts) -

tengen tetris for the nes

#150 Posted by BillyTheKid (486 posts) -

@nintendoeats: Cool idea, matched behind a super shit game. The only reason I resent it so much as I do is the fact that I was hoping with all my heart it would be like controlling a real tank, and it wasn't. It was so fucking broken, I would not even call it a game really.