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According to the PlayStation Blog, there will be a Ratchet and Clank movie in 2015 with an announcement trailer to accompany this announcement.

All things considered, I never really expected this, but I'm a pretty big R&C fan, so I'll probably be in line to see it. There will also be an R&C sale on the week of April 30th on PSN to celebrate this occasion.

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This could be a really cool movie. Looking forward to it.

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IGN just posted some more details and has an interview about the film as well.

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Fuck Yeah! Ever since they put out that CGI trailer for Tools of Destruction I have thought a Ratchet film would be awesome. It's cool that it's not some Straight to DVD kind of thing also.

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This isn't something I ever expected to happen. It could actually be quite good though, the teaser trailer looked nice and was actually fairly funny.

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Uh wut?

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This looks surprisingly good. Now hopefully they make another game.

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kids will love this

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Wow this came out of nowhere, I kind of thought that the franchise was done. This has potential to be really good though and from the sounds of it the story will be similar to the first game's story.

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Yeah, why not. No reason this couldn't turn into a great childrens movie that could also appeal to adults.

And since it's already an established game franchise the inevitable game that'll come out around the same time might actually be good.

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A video game movie that actually looks like the game!?

It could be good but Rainmaker have one messed up history. They created Reboot which was a pioneer of 3D but since going from Mainframe to Rainmaker, they've made direct to dvd or tv films of Barbie and recently released the poorly reviewed Escape from planet Earth. Hopefully this will have a better writing staff and direction behind it though.

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@mrcraggle: Seems Insomniac Games have a pretty big hand in all of this as well, so that might help out a lot.

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I've always thought that Ratchet and Clank could make a good Pixar film. Well, Pixar was never going to make it, but if that trailer was any indication then this could be pretty good.

Or it might be terrible.

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Looks pretty good, I'm surprised there isn't more animated films based on the more family game characters out there (though to be fair there isn't as many as there used to be)

Sony could do a similar thing with Sly and it would be great to see a stop motion Littlebigplanet movie perhaps with Aardman handling the animation side of things.

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The fact that Insomniac is in on this as well and they're not just singing papers is what has me the most excited.
Also the fact that they have James Arnold Taylor, David Kaye and Jim Ward on it as well is fantastic.

Yes, James Arnold Taylor is a better choice than Mikey Kelley

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And according to Variety, apparently Blockade is also working on a direct-to-video Heavenly Sword film.

In addition to “Ratchet & Clank,” Blockade is also producing “Heavenly Sword,” a CG-animated film that will be distributed direct-to-homevideo.

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I'll wait for the blu ray

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Ratchet and Clank is my favorite franchise ever, this is the best news ever, besides a new game announcement. Is it out yet?

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I've never played a Ratchet and Clank game, but I approve of their use of Dubstep.

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I don't know, i always thought that the Ratchet and Clank series, was about making a game, that made you feel like you were playing through an animated movie.

I guess i feel the same way about this, as i do about Sony trying to make an Uncharted movie.

I think it kinda defeats the purpose of the games...

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Haven't played any of the PS3 games but I loved the first three on PS2 and the first one on PSP. Pleasantly surprised by that trailer, if the script gets a decent amount of humour in there I'll probably see it.

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This is not necessary, coming from someone who has been playing them since R&C 1 was first released.

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this seems... kinda awesome.