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You can just quickly post your thoughts on games that you've recently finished or are done with.

The Bridge: Nice look and interesting puzzles. Controls can be a little less accurate than I would've liked for executing some puzzle solutions. Also it kind of ended abruptly. Maybe the story could've had more depth.


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Gravity Rush: Even though it has some really cool ideas, something about playing this game feels slow. Took me 5 hours to beat, but felt like 10 or 12. Not bad, just sort of boring. Really nice level design, really nice music.


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Persona 4 Golden: Greatest game ever made!!! But......I don't know....some of the things they added were just.....I don't know.....they ruined Kanji in the bonus ending epilogue.....maybe stick with the PS2 version....yeah.


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Infamous 2. 3/5

It's a better game than the first but the main issues persist. Being thrown 57 enemies 43 rockets and 28 grenades at is not my definition of fun. Combat just becomes really tedious after a while.

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Tomb Raider. 3.5/5

Enjoyed the single player. Story was OK. Thought the gameplay was great.

Multiplayer was total buttcheeks.

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Does one ever finish Dota? 5/5

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Far Cry 3.

uh, 4/5? maybe a 5/5 i dont wanna commit.

lots of fun.

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Reality - 3/5 From the Gomorra director, Reality is . . . wait, this is not the right thread. Man, talk about market confusion.

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Does one ever finish Dota? 5/5

Are you as good as the korean guy who finished SC2's multiplayer?

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Metal Gear Solid 1

4/5- This was the first time that I played it and I really loved it! The story was incredible and I am just still in awe of it. The gameplay was ok, it is tough now playing a '98 stealth game, but it does hold up if you just think of it as a 2D game. It was awesome and I started MGS2 today and love that a lot too!

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Dark souls is pretty good you guys 5/5

also I'm sad that that's the last game I remember finishing, considering it was like a month ago

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Metal Gear Rising: Reveneance. 3/5

The story and tone were too dark and awkward and blade mode was imprecise, leading to intensely frustrating moments with the later bosses.

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Does seeing the credits in the Trials Evolution PC beta counts? That's basically unlocking the Extreme tracks.

If so 5/5. Also fuck Trials!

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The Force Unleashed 2/5

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in terms of most-recent-completion (but having beaten it before):

just replayed starcraft 2 WoL- i'mma say 8675309 out of jenny. the story doesn't hold up, but it still looks and plays fantastic.

in terms of first time through to completion- bit.trip runner. fantastic game, perfect score for what it's trying to be.

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Journey. I'd give it a "Very Good Out Of Ten."

Seriously though, 5/5. Thankfully, I never lost MY buddy.

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TF2's Mann Vs Machine mode on the second hardest difficulty: 4/5

A hard-fought victory that required flawless teamwork throughout. Had a blast playing with my friends. Mileage varies if you're jumping to a random game.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate - It's a game that does a lot of interesting thing involving the story, narrative and the utilization of classic Castlevania characters. It was a well-told story that was hampered by a tedious combat system and performance issues. I still enjoyed it and is worth playing if anyone is interested in this story-arch.


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DmC. Once on Devil Hunter. Once more on Son of Sparda. Started a Heaven or Hell run just for funsies.

Addictive. Easy to play, hard to master. Looks phenomenal, story is interesting the first time around. Wicked level design, loved the soundtrack. Very good replay ability.


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Tomb Raider, If im grading it based on what It is trying to do, then I give it a 5/5. It is primary a third person action platformer, keyword, keyword. That has an emphases on story.

If I was rating Tomb Raider on what I want it to be, then I would have given it a 4/5. About the time where I got the machine gun, and a million guys started pouring out of the walls ( only happens once or twice ) I thought to my self, If they would only make this an Adventure game, or remove all the guns from the game all together, get rid of all the generic enemy's and create 4 or 5 unique enemies with names, stories and history. And just go all the way with ripping off LOST.

Also, this game is a better LOST then LOST.

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Might and Magic: World of Xeen. It's a pretty great old RPG that does some pretty crazy stuff, especially later on with the optional dungeon where one of the floors is a crossword puzzle. Also I beat it over the course of like 4 years playing on and off. Video Game/5

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Persona 1.


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Super House of Dead Ninjas.


Game is incredibly fun. More people should play it.

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I played all of the Call of Dutys worth playing, again, in about a week.

2 4/5

MW 3/5

WaW 5/5

MW2 3/5

Blops 4/5

MW3 2/5

Blops 2 2/5

Treyarch make better call of duty games than Infinity ward.

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@earthbowl: I've had a lot of fun with it too, don't really understand a lot of the negativity around it. Just fought Gabriel before the third character switch, I love how cinematic some of these later sequences have gotten.

Last game I finished was Tomb Raider. It's an incredibly good Uncharted clone with good combat and some bad acting/storytelling 4/5

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Tomb Raider


I had a really great time with it, I love games where they keep introducing mechanics all the way until the endgame moments. It was really fast-paced and the combat felt frantic and fun. I had a few minor gripes with the floaty jumping and some admittidley dumb story moments but it was a fantastic game.

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Persona 1.


If you're playing the PSP version, that is.....over banana.

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Fire Emblem Awakening 5/5

My first FE game and wont be my last. Has a great strategy system, unique characters, predictable but well paced story, a reason to get a 3DS.

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Gears of War 3: 3/5

Yup, it was a video game. That's about as far as that goes.

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Ratchet and Clank from the R&C Collection on the PS3.

9/10-Sort of thought of this as Banjo Kazooie meets Mega Man, for you are placed in these 3D environments with their own unique puzzles and paths for you to collect items and you also get these weapons that you use to beat up on enemies while they are limited. Also like the Mega Buster, that wrench is damn useful as a main weapon. Had a great time with this game overall. My minor complaints is that the Hoverboard races were both annoying and not very fun and with the exceptions of Captain Qwark and Clank's lines, I didn't think dialogue was very funny.

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Fallout New Vegas 5/5

I got very very into this game, put in about 80 hrs, saw all the endings and did all the dlc. Got my guy all the way to 50 and focused on unarmed so I was punching guys to pieces.

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DmC: Devil May Cry 4/5. Loved the art style and the combat in the game. I'm hoping that they make a sequel of it.

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Dark Souls 5/5

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Mass Effect 3: Citadel 4.5/5

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Max Payne 3

  • Subjectively 5/5 Stars
  • Objectively 4/5 Stars

Dinged a star for too many unskippable cutscenes, which gets grating on consequent playthroughs (yeah, they're masking loadtimes, nonetheless...), technical hiccups (on my PC, it tends to crash when skipping cutscenes). The whole *collectibles* angle feels totally out of place, and unbefitting the experience, though it's optional.

Regardless, Max Payne 3 is a top shelve game, and surely amongst the best 3rd person shooters this generation, as far as I'm concerned. Certainly amongst the best written games, VO-wise. I adore every word of Max's narration and dialog. I ain't slipping. I'm slipped.

For fans of Rockstar's trademark *physical* feeling gameplay, achieved by meshing realtime physics simulation with outstanding animations, it must offer the greatest playing shooting mechanics on the 3rd person shooter market. Buy it. Play it. Replay it. Replay it every other year. Instant classic. Infinitely quotable.

Do the same for Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. Saleswise - both games didn't do as well as they deserve, so it's not unlikely that you've not yet played them. If it's so, and you are into action games, get them right now - and be delighted!

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Mass Effect 3: Citadel 5/5

I don't have a bad word to say about it.

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New Vegas 8/10

excellent writing and dialogue. i think obsidian really gets what makes the fallout universe work and i hope they get another shot at the series (hopefully with an engine that is a little bit less fucked.)

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Spec Ops: The Line 8/10.

I really enjoyed the hell out of this game. I had take a pretty long break from modern-military shooters, so coming back to this one was really fun. I knew everything that was to happen in the game because of the GoTY podcasts, but that was also the reason that I said I had to play it. Looked fantastic on PC, played well too! Really liked the feel of the guns in it as well. Was just expecting nothing from the game and was surprised how much it had a lasting effect on me.

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MGR: R 8/10

+Great combat system, amazing boss fights, amazing music.

-somewhat tame story, short(although it was 50 bucks instead of 60 here)

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Bayonetta 8.5/10

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Tomb Raider. 4/5.

Great platforming and sense of adventure- Though the story can be completed in about 10 hours, the world Crystal Dynamics created is plenty inviting for return visits.

Full Review http://www.giantbomb.com/tomb-raider/3030-27312/user-reviews/2200-25409

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Tomb Raider 3/5. I like the little tomb things and the collectibles but i hated the combat, especially the end part, it just killed all sense of urgency for me. I'd be excited for a second one though, not as much as a Binary Domain 2 but still, intrigued to see where they go with it.

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Azuras Wrath 2/5

The game mechanics are fine and some scenes are absurdly out-of-scale in a good way, but man the story and the stereotypical characters in this game suck so hard. I almost could not endure it to the end. I feel a bit sad giving it a 2, as the core game is totally fine, but I just cant stand the story. I can imagine that for anyone who likes these kind of animes its a killer game.

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Far Cry 3 --- 8/10

+ Fun, flexible combat. Taking down outposts/wanted dead missions never get old

+Ambitious, trippy story w/ some memorable, well-VA'd villains.

+Hunting/crafting adds another layer to gameplay

+ You get to kill sharks

- Ubi pooched the ending. Calling it 'rushed' is the kindest thing you can say

-Open world is not very interesting to explore.

- A few really frustrating gameplay moments (the climatic fight w/ Vaas is a particular shitburger)

-disappointing sidequests

A good game, could have been superlative. Definitely worth a shot for those on the fence.

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Not sure if you can truly "finish" Rock Band Blitz.

4/5, it's a great game to start up and play a few songs, then come back to it later and play a few more songs.

Seriously though, Vergil's Downfall was pretty good. It's a little short, and the animated cutscenes were a little hit-or-miss, but it was fun and a little challenging to play as Vergil compared to Dante. Would have been nice to have another boss fight or two and maybe a few more new enemies, but yeah, I think it's worth $9. 4/5.

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To The Moon

I give it approximately 238,857 miles on average.

It was at it's best when it was trying it's least to be game like. The story was quite moving. If you're into that sort of thing it's an experience worth having.

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Just finished Tomb Raider. It's pretty good. I found it really fun to play, especially that bow- actually, I found the gameplay portion of the game to be excellent. The story isn't anything special, but it's fine, and it looks pretty great. 3.5 stars 4 stars.

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Fallout 3. Great big world to explore. Tons of quality missions. Combat is great because of VATS. Great writing and it still looks good. Took off one point because of the ending. 9/10.

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10000000. Addictive but lacking any real substance. Falls into the same trap most match-3 games do, of success entirely depending on random board configurations. For a buck, though, well worth it and a good way to kill time. 3.9/5

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I just finished DmC. I had never played any of the Devil May Cry games and I loved this one. Started out a little slow for the first 2 hours or so, but the art style got progressively better looking as they got more creative with their Limbo environments, and I thought the writing was solid (other than lines shouted by particular bosses during boss fights). Gameplay was pretty great also, I'd give it a 9/10.