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DMC: Devil May Cry - 5/5

I love that game. I haven't been so enamored by a game in a long time, maybe since Bayonetta. I really enjoy it when video games know that they're video games and try to have as much fun as possible. I like a good serious game now and then, but when you start doing shit like playing industrial metal during the opening battle, you've got my heart. Seriously, I was sold on that game after the first level. They should just make that the demo, because if you don't like that then there's probably no hope for you. Also, I vastly prefer New Dante to Old Dante.

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Tomb Raider. On a scale of -200 to 13000, I would give it 5 million Manatees. Seriously though, I'd say it was a super fun action/adventure game with an engaging story, a character that felt more real than most game protagonists have ever felt before, and I would recommend it to all of my friends.

Big Spoiler, don't read unless you've beaten the game: Despite the fact that I figured that Himiko was a spirit that needed a new host body to possess about halfway through the game and it really irritated me that Lara, (the super smart character who was actually reading all of the paintings and interpreting them) couldn't figure it out until the very end, it was still an amazing game and story.

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Brutal Legend(PC) 3/5. If they would have just stuck to GOW style combat that game could have been a whole lot more fun to play, but damn those RTS sections are, pardon the pun, brutallly bad.

Afterfall:Insanity(PC) 1/5. i thought this was a small team so i would have given it a pass on some if its flaws, but as i watched the credits role at the end there is no excuse for this mess.

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Uncharted 3, and my thoughts on it are well-documented now.

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ni no kuni


i got through about 99% of the game , then had to take a break because i wasn't sure how much longer it was going to be.

Picked it up and played it like two weeks later when I had some free time, and it turns out I was less than 50 yards from the ending.

The biggest complaint I would have is the way resistances worked required me to backtrack several times and grind up unit types I did not have or anticipate I needed for a boss fight.

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10/10 Snake has a nice moustache

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To the Moon

5/5 - just for the story and soundtrack. There really isn't much game to it, but I loved it.

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Mass Effect 2: 5/5

AMAZING game. That game drew me in and made me really care about what was going on in it. One of my favorites from this generation.

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Just finished BioShock last night. The game holds up surprisingly well, and man that twist was pretty crazy! I can finally see why a lot of people really love that game.


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Hitman Absolution - 4.5/5

Having played a ton of Blood Money, and seeing a lot of negative comments, I was expecting disappointment. Instead, I got one of the most enjoyable games I've played all year - I felt that it did a great job of retaining the classic feel of Hitman games while pushing the genre in some interesting new directions - lots of replay-ability in the levels and changing things up a bit so not every level is a simple assassination. The story is dumb, but it's southern-friend motif and bizarre characters kept me entertained and invested in eventually taking all of them out.

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Tomb Raider 4/5

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Atelier Totori 6/10

Nice little slice of life narrative but the time management was not for me.

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Brutal Legend - 3.5/5

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Tomb Raider


A great game that executes a lot of things really well. Exploration is fun, the combat is good fun. It's very like Uncharted in many ways but I just don't care for the story or the characters. If you like Uncharted games, you'll enjoy it but you'll miss the compelling characters of Uncharted games.

Also, ME3:Citadel. If you ever loved Mass Effect, this is something you should play. It reminds you why you loved the series from the beginning.

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Tomb Raider.


It's funny - after decades of playing Tomb Raider games and seeing Lara Croft as a buxom, gun-toting badass, sixteen or so hours with the new, young Lara Croft gave me perspective. That was easily my favorite part of the whole experience. Sure her story arced pretty hard pretty early, but I feel like this is the best interpretation of the character. She's vulnerable, scared and, above all, human.

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Bit.Trip Runner 2 - 4/5

Pretty fun game. More enjoyable than the first game (which is good too). Great level designs and replayable with the rewards list, treasures, and trophies/achievements.

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Fallout: New Vegas. My first Fallout game, loved the experience. Far from over though, I still have three DLCs to finish. Finished one ending, worked for House and took control over the Mojave with him. 5/5

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Just became a Lightning God in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.


The camera is my worst enemy, but overall it was fun and I would recommend it.

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Empire Total War: 4/5

Fantastic game overall but the naval combat is a bit fucked. I just could not get the hag of it. Finished all the objectives in the Grand Campaign in about 100 or so hours but I'm still only half way through the allotted number of turns. If you like large scale strategy and have the time it's fucking awesome. The best in the series so far (including Shogun which I felt was a bit of a let down).

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Tomb Raider 4/5

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Well I just finished another playthrough of dark souls but since I've beaten that 10,000 times, I say tomb raider is a 3.5/5. The combat and the exploration are really good but way too many qte's, cutscenes, and "we're gonna throw into a room with 10 guys and you have to fight them off" scequences. It felt forced and totally out of place. The works really nicely when there's only a few enemies. Story is "meh" not terrible, but not great either. MP is fun but also completely forgettable at the same time if that makes any sense. Hopefully for the next tomb raider, they do much more exploration and tomb raiding and a lot less qte's and scripted cutscenes.

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Tomb Raider

5/5 stars

It has a good story, but Crystal Dynamics has placed a priority on solid gameplay before any other aspects. Which is my preference (kind of like how Darksiders is also a video game oriented game). My favorite title this gen related at this point - though I would guess opinions on this are all over the place depending on what game aspects are emphasized.

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I just finished Hitman: Absolution, it was...eh, ending kinda blew chunks. Probably would give it 3 stars. The contracts part is the best thing about the game.

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Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army

3/5 stars

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2

5/5 stars

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Heart of the Swarm: 9/10 (Gameplay, plot > Wings of Liberty; Dialogue, Adventuregameness < WoL)

Spec Ops the Line: 8.5/10 (Got the fucker!)

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HOTS single player: 4 out of 5.

The short of it: the same mostly unique (borrowing heavily from the relatively - compared to WoW - overlooked Warcraft 3) campaign missions, expertly crafted, with a decent-length campaign. The only downside is the ridiculousness of much of the story and how much we're continuing down the path of the all-story. Also, strategy spoilers:

I'm very sure I could complete the entire campaign on normal using only Zerglings. The tactic I switched to in the middle of the game to the very last moments was to maximize resource harvesting and then spawn an endless supply of Zerglings, ignoring air units entirely unless absolutely necessary, in which case I'd quickly spawn in a group of Hydralisks or just use another pre-given unit like Kerrigan to deal with them. Then again, my strategy in Wings was to build endless seige tanks, as usual, and that worked in much the same way).

Basically the game is best enjoyed on Normal for the story alone, on Hard for any sort of a challenge, since you never have to build anything but one type of unit otherwise.

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Max Payne 3: 7.5/10

I did not hate the new direction and this game has style for days, along with a top notch presentation to boot. Great start but later the story kinda falls apart for me to the point of not caring. Game play also starts off great but becomes real repetitive and very gamey later on such as waves after waves of enemies and enemies being bullet sponges even with upper body shots. I also found the game play to not be as tight, cut scenes auto switching your weapon to pistols every time and your life saver mechanic being unreliable.

Ni no Kuni: 9/10

Great game from start to finish which creates a great mix of old school jrpg mechanics with newer mechanics that keep it modern. The few knocks i could give it is ally AI could be better because they often don't do what you would like them to do, or at the very least have a deeper command options. I would also like the battle menu to have a better layout because i do find it takes some quick navigation of the menu to use actions on time.

Fire Emblem: Awakening : 9.5/10

I just finish the story with 80 hours playtime and i still have to clean up some side missions and recruit some future kids to my crew. This game is great on all fronts and quite possibly when i done with all it has to offer me, this game could jump to a 10. The reason being is i can't think of any faults the game may have other then the story may not be for you or you don't like srpgs much. One of the best recent srpg and a must buy for 3ds owner if you are even remotely interested.

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Bit.trip runner 2..5/5..great game, especially if you loved the original. Very addictive with lots of extras for those completionists.

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Borderlands 2. A solid 8.5\10

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Crysis 3: 8.2 out of 10.

Oh, wait. I played Dead Space 3: Awakened last.

Awakened: 6.5 out of 10.

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I just beat a couple, my first in a good while:

Borderlands 2: 3/5

I wasn't the biggest Borderlands fan and picked up the second one mostly because a friend wanted someone to play with, so we beat it together over a very long period of time. When the game throws you into cramped confines with enemies coming from all directions while still allowing you to make steady progress, it's great, but the game makes you shoot too many people too many times, and too often with guns that just don't feel right (because of the tradeoffs inherent in the loot system). Humor was about 50/50 for me.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: 3.5/5

I'm a huge fan of the Transformers movies, so the Cybertron games were basically made specifically for me. So, while I acknowledge that the shooting wasn't always great and there was often too much of it, the game provided great Transformers flavor and at times I was really impressed by how seamlessly the transforming and special powers integrated, particularly with the aerial bots. The cinematic moments were spot on, especially Metroplex and the ending.

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Fire Emblem: Awakening 5/5

The overall campaign is good. The dialogue localization is great. Pacing is a bit broken if you grind, but still provides a good challenge with the side stuff. Great SRPG for newcomers and veterans alike.

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Tomb Raider


I really liked it. I liked the combat and platforming, I liked exploring the environments, and I really like how they handled Lara as a character. I just wish that they had done a better job with the enemies, cut the QTEs, and didn't stumble across the finish line. I also wish that they didn't go all mystical and shit.

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Batman Arkham City: 8/10.

The gameplay didn't change all that much from AA and the story was such a clusterfuck of characters. That said, still great, but I think I enjoyed AA more.

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I've finished a few games around the same time so here are ratings for each:

Sleeping Dogs - 7/10 - Ran into more than a few bugs (some of which caused me to lose progress) but otherwise fun, if not a little repetitive.

Ghost Trick - 9/10 - A unique puzzle game with great characters. Plot goes a little doolally near the end, but doesn't get as incomprehensible as something like 999.

Picross e2 - 8/10 - Better than the original Picross e, the addition of Micross was welcomed but the puzzles weren't as difficult as those in Picross DS, definitely room for improvement. They kept the smooth jazz soundtrack which I think is a nice touch. One major criticism I have, which I don't feel was addressed after the first Picross e, is that there is no way to differentiate between puzzles you had solved with hints and those without hints. I had to fight the urge to use them on more than one occasion. Meanwhile, thinking back to Mario Picross, it did differentiate and that alone gave me the incentive to finish each puzzle on my own.

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5/5 Gravity Rush, it really blew me away, loved pretty much everything about it.

#137 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

El Shaddai: 4/5. Great game. Could have been better with more character progress (in terms of upgrades), but it's a game about religious works and they focus on the story. I like what they did and how they did it, combat is simple but gets blistering fast and deep as you progress. It's beautiful, possibly the most beautiful game this generation. Just truly unique in every way.

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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story 5/5 It is funny and real fun to play. This is one of my favorite RPG series and this is the best one.

#139 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Crazy Taxi: REALLY GODDAMN HARD over banana.

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Hotline Miami. 5/5


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I literally just finished Solar 2, which I enjoyed quite a bit. It can be an incredibly tranquil game, or a healthy challenge, depending on what you choose to tackle. If I had to give it a number score I'd probably say 4/5.

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Tomb Raider (2013) -

3/5 Shampoo Bottles

It was quite alright but i couldn't help to think that Uncharted did alot of what i like about this game before and better. Also I didn't enjoy Lara as a character and that ruined alot of suspenseful moments for me, why shoudl i care if Lara makes that jump or is impaled by some spike? But the game play is good and it has a nice variety of things to do so i was pretty much always entertained.

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Gears of War Judgment 4/5