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What I really want from a next generation gamepad? More buttons I can activate without taking my thumbs off an analogstick. The current standard gamepad design template has 6 buttons that meet that qualifier. The Razor Sabertooth ups that to 12, if I understand its layout correctly.

Sony has already missed the opportunity of vastly increasing the standard controller template's ergonomic use for dualstick games (which are pretty much all games these days), by adding more buttons that can be reached without taking my thumb off the pad.

The gamepad being one of the most important selling points, I guess Microsoft might steal the day yet, if their gamepad is simply better suited for core game experiences. I don't expect it to be, because it seems to me Microsoft doesn't really care for their core audience all too much anymore - but there it is.

Microsoft - give me a kickass hardcore gamepad that's bursting at the seams with shoulder buttons and such, and you just might make the race to being my next generation console of choice.

Anyways - check out the sheer insanity and genius of the Razer Sabertooth. So many buttons! Eventually, I'll have to get one of these for my PC.