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Heya peeps :)

Alright, so I'm about to setup a new media consumption area (PanPlasma-50ST60 / bluRay / AVR(?) / etc.) and I need some input from the BomberDuders about my bluRay decision.

I have never owned a PS3 nor a bluRay player so I'm excited about the prospect to say the least. I would love to play some of the PS3 titles that I have missed (Journey, SlyCooper, TheLastOfUs, Beyond 2 Souls, etc.) but with the PS4 launch coming up, should I just pick up a stand-alone BRD player (such as the Sony BDP-S5100) and hope for GaiKai Virtualization versions of those titles? I realize that the procs are different on the 2 systems, but I believe Sony has stated that they will start to bring some of their PS3 library to the PS4 in 2014 (or do I have that wrong?).

I have an x360 and plenty of missed games on that front too (new baby, life/work balance, etc.) so I 'll probably be good on the gaming front until the new consoles hit. I also play quite a bit on my PC and will be watching alot of TV/Movies; in other words, as long as I can play The Last of Us, Journey and Beyond 2 Souls at SOME point in the future, I'm good ;)

What are your thoughts?

As always, thanks for your input and for the killer community!

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Ps3 now. Ps4 later once we all know how well that GaiKai stuff works

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I bought a ps3 recently because mine broke not long ago and wanted to play last of us, can't play dem ps3 games on dat ps4, so if you have the option and would like some specific games for it, I'd pick it up and get the ps4 a little later. :)

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PS3 soon. PS4 way later.

If waiting isn't an issue, then why not wait some more? Surely the PS3 will be quite a bit cheaper not too long from now.

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get ps4 in 2014 when all the good games come out. ps3 now, you wont regret it.

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The PS3 is well worth it, even if the PS4 is near. I just replaced my old fat lady with a super slim model for €169, as she got pretty loud on the hot days...

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Honestly if you're more looking forward to some current PS3 games I would go with that. The most anticipated launch games are also coming to PC so you're good on that front.

Also if you didn't pre-order a PS4 by now chances are you're not getting one until next year. If Amazon is any consideration they said that both systems broke records for video game purchases so expect other retailers to have had similar experiences.

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Yeah I wouldn't put too much stock in the gaikai thing at this point. PS3 is the right move.

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I guess a PS3 isn't really that much more than a decent blu ray player, so I'd probably go for that and then maybe get a PS4 some time down the line. You'll get to play all the great PS3 games exactly how they were intended and you won't perhaps feel as much pressure to get a PS4 straight out of the gate, since early adoption of consoles isn't always the greatest move. The first few months after a launch can generally be a bit of a wasteland in terms of quality games.

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@zerostar: i mean if you could wait, id suggest waiting for a thanksgiving sale on the ps3, very likely it will get discounted (as with last of us, sly cooper). also its very likely you probably wont be able to get a ps4 at launch.

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PS3 now. It really is a great system, minus some bummer ports.

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PS3 now. I find it's always best to wait for console purchases after launch. They have more games and could be even cheaper (Which I don't think will happen for a long time with the PS4)

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PS3 now, the PS4 won't have a worthwhile library for years but will still run you more than the PS3.

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PS3 has an awesome catalogue of exclusives. Buy it now, or when the PS4 hits and it gets a price drop, and in 2-3 years see where the PS4 is at.

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Get a PS3 now and play all the games you missed for cheap, then when you buy a PS4 later you can use the PS3 as a blu-ray player someplace else, and you should have a better selection of PS4 games to choose from.

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There will probably be a PS3 price drop somewhere around the time the PS4 launches. I'd wait until then and get a PS3. That's what I plan on doing anyway. Only having Wii/360/PC last gen means I missed out on a ton of great PS3 games. And rather than spend a ton of money on a next gen console that has no good games (yet), I plan on getting a cheap PS3 and a bucket load of cheap games and catch up on the titles I missed.

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Ps3 is more than worth it,

Uncharted 1,2,3

Demon´s souls

Last of us

Journey, Flower, Tokyo Jungle

Yakuza 3 , 4 , 5

Ico/Shadow of the collosus HD

and it´s a great blu-ray player.

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Definitely makes sense to get the PS3 right now because the exclusives alone justify a purchase and might i recommend getting a PS+ subscription as there are some quality games to get for free through that service.

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Wow! Quite the overwhelming push towards getting a PS3 now or soon-ish. Sounds like that may become my plan. I usually wait until after the consoles are 'broken in' for a bit before I dive in anyhoo (at least this lastGen), and it has treated me well (like with the x360, waiting = more efficient unit, solid low-price games library, etc.).

I believe Sony has stated that they are not going to be dropping the price of the PS3 pre-PS4 launch - is there any proof/scoops-reports to the contrary? Just wondering how long I would need to wait before I can dive into bluRay goodness (ST60 arrives next week!!11)

Thanks again ;)

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PS3 is my main squeeze