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so i was having a conversation with my girlfriend about all the fun things you learn playing video games and her grandma over heard me. " the only thing you learn from vidja games is violence." needless to say i then proceeded to give her a 20 minute history lesson on the cold war.talking about various things related to it. how ive learned about great men like robert mcnamara and others all by simply playing a game called Snake Eater and it opened my eyes to a incredible part of history. now thats just one example,what are some of yours?

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In all seriousness, I learned how to assemble computers because of video games.

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Way too much stuff to list. Mostly just small things here and there.

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The weight of responsibility.

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Random historical facts, mostly. I'm attempting to improve my French comprehension by playing through games with the French audio enabled, but it hasn't been going too well.

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I've learned a lot about historical geography because of Europa 3 and Crusader Kings 2.

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I've learned what can change the nature of a man...

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How to get away with murder..

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Reading skills, firstly

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I learned how to manipulate people into being my friends by telling them exactly what they want to hear from Persona.

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I've learned how to live, how to love, how to breathe.

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That you can't learn a language from them?

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A great sense of direction and maybe to lure my enemies into a false sense of victory only to bust a super move, but mostly the first thing.

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I've learnt that a man is a miserable pile of secrets.

But enough talk...

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To just give up and die if when the zombie apocalypse occurs.

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That success is just a matter of repeating failures until you get things right and that there is nothing that can't be accomplished with persistence.

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Much more interesting things then school did, that's for sure.

Gods (Olympians), wars, important people in history, and mythology of all sorts. That sort of stuff.

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Games actually inspired me to learn English. I started to learn English on my own at a very young age to understand what was going on on games like Civ and X-COM. Back then English was a third language in school and when I started to learn it at school I was leagues ahead of the game. I was reading novels for fun when my classmates were learning past tense and I was writing articles for fun that my classmates wouldn't have understood if they tried. So yeah, you might say I learned a lot from video games.

I also developed an interest in history because of Civ.

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I learned that in this day and age, treating injuries does not require any kind of first aid equipment.  Just hide behind conveniently-placed chest-high objects like a pussy and wait for your eyeballs to stop bleeding.  This will always work, regardless of how much steroids you've shot up your ass.

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German (kinda). I made a friend in LittleBigPlanet who spoke German and a bit of English. He taught me quite a few key phrases that I learned through repeated use. Mostly dumb stuff like "brot mit klemmen" means "bread with jam" and "lass uns tanzen" means "let's dance". But it tends to be the fun dumb stuff you remember the best (also my spelling is piss poor but it is phonetically correct).

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I was able to recognize some buildings and their names from Florence in class once thanks to Assassin's Creed 2.

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I've developed a ridiculous vocabulary for various weaponry from games. Like I know that a xiphos is made of iron, a rapier is more for poking while a sabre is for slashing, and a gladius and a spatha are shorter than a claymore or a flamberge.

I've always thought that if RPGs simply named their weapons after common Japanese phrases with English in the description, I would learn Japanese without even trying. "I'll trade you a Ogenki desuka? (How are you?) for a Maa-maa desu (So-so)."

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I've learned a variety of vocabulary, history, and puzzle solving skills. Video games are basically interactive books, and if they add things that are true historical events or use new words, it is more likely that you'll remember those things because it's part of the fun and enjoyment.

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I've learned how to use the right side of my brain at command by playing counter-strike for 11 years. Some people would call it zen, some would call it being "in the zone", some would call it animal instincts.

Also I've learned a lot about history, english and other stuff, but those things don't matter as much to me.

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I learned the basics of Liar's Dice from Red Dead Redemption. 

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My love for playing around with computers, fixing them and putting them together all happened because of Command and Conquer. I feel in love with that series by playing a PSX version of Red Alert and when I found out there were more on this PC thing I knew that I had to have one of those. A year of fighting with my mother later I eventually got my first PC and have been a PC gamer ever since. I just built my first PC a few weeks back and have gotten my only jobs because of my knowledge with PC's. If it wasn't for renting that game on a whim all of those years ago I never would have fallen down this road in my life of loving computers and teaching myself how they work. I honestly could not imagine what my life would be like if I had never gotten that prod down the road of PC's.

As for direct skills, I'm really good at deciphering maps and finding my way around cities by landmarks thanks to video games. It has always allowed me to think logically and figure out complex situations as I just deconstruct the situation as if it was something in a game by focusing on the root cause and effect. The same way I would figure out builds in an RPG or trying to figure out a complex game mechanic. I have found many a time that trying to apply game mechanic logic to real life situations can help compartmentalize things in a way that makes it much easier to think in that manner.

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Age of Empires II was extremely influential in my being very interested in history from a fairly young age. I learnt so much history from that game; the game even had its own historical codex, which I printed out and read at school during my lunch break.

More recently, playing Crusader Kings II alone taught me more in two months than most teachers taught me in a year, including the further reading that the game inspired me to do. I learnt that the Byzantine Empire was culturally Greek during the Middle Ages, I learnt where Georgia is, I learnt that Sweden and Norway was once ruled by the same dynasty, I learnt about the Piast dynasty in Hungary, I learnt the origins of the Russian people, I learnt...well you get the idea.

I honestly believe that video games are underutilised as a resource to encourage and develop knowledge in children.

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I learned to read so I could play Pokemon Blue.

Yes, I'm a young one.

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games are a bad place to learn history.

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Reading and basic budgeting.

"Ok, so 1000 gold for this AND this? Hmm... that sounds like some hot bullshit. I'll save my gold instead."

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That I am dead inside!

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How to murder.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

games are a bad place to learn history.

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If you blow something everything eventually works out

Wait what?

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Oh yeah, Pokemon learned me that Intelligent Design can stuff it.

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Video games taught me that I can waste infinite amounts of time doing things that aren't productive. I thought there might have been a limit on the amount of procrastination that I'm willing to do but it turns out that that's not true.

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Rock Band taught me how to play the drums to a half-way decent standard and the absolute basics of keyboards.

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They taught me I have a horribly addictive personality :)

And every time I play or chat with someone from a different part of the world during a game, I seem to learn at least a little something about whatever part of the world they are in, which is cool

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I can calculate distance of a target using mildots on a sniper rifle because of games.

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English, history, mythology, names of different military arsenals, slang and much more

@Video_Game_King said:

That you can't learn a language from them?

well i would disagree (disagree with VGK, madness i know)

i learned english from movies, music and video games.

I learned talking,writing and reading before i started in school, actually the only thing i learned it all of my English classes was that my teacher was really bad at the before mentioned things since i constantly had to correct her spelling and pronunciation, and that when i gave an answer she would correct me due to the fact that her question was not specific e.i purple-lilac turtle-tortoise and so on

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Part of that may be because American media spreads so damn far that non-English speakers simply have more resources to draw from (it's a real thing, but I don't know how to find it), but from my experiences, video games make it really easy to ignore language altogether. Ever wonder why fan translations sometimes don't translate the menus? Because it's pretty easy for アッタクします to become "hurt that guy" without ever learning what the hell アッタクします even means.

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Gloom taught me to watch out for aggro skinheads. I think I have it to thank for being alive today!

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In a firefight you'll probably be killed in a couple minutes by a guy you never saw. So stay out of those.

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I learned to drive from GT3.

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I've stumbeled into being a developer/manager -ish for the business intelligence program at our work. I have some history of script coding and understand database management. But mainly I think I've gotten the role because normal people don't know how to make simple user interfaces. People really like when they understand the information.. I don't have to tell them I got most of that knowledge from game UI's.

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Reading, math, and a lot of knowledge about WW2 after playing a lot of shooters and becoming more interested in it. That and if i was going to start a farm with very little money that I'd start with chickens.