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So i just beat the skeleton king and hand no troubles before him, but now when i run it to a large amount of enemies i die. im using a level 14 barbarian my sword does 18.5 damage and and I've tried mixing up my skills. In Diablo 3

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You need the BFG.

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What game are you talking about, I assume its Diablo but you posted in general and didnt mention.

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Not even close, dude. He's talking about Tokimeki Memorial.

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Besides using health pots the only thing I can suggest is maybe using the AoE stun you have to reduce the amount of damage large groups of enemies can do to you.

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I found the Skeleton King to be quite a big jump in difficulty.

I defeated him with a Monk and a companion, trying to keep my distance when things got a little hairy and picking off the lower level skeletons.

I never figured out his pattern, but he does have one (i think) charge attack that does tonnes of damage, but he will also do some teleporting and rest, which is when you run to him and get some hits in.

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You have to combine the sword with the enemy's face.

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Never had that problem myself. If you can't handle it the only thing I can suggest is:

  • Respec your companion to be the knight guy with healing powers.
  • Throw a shield in your off hand for extra defence.
  • Play online with people if you can't handle it solo.
  • Maybe you are just not a melee person. You may need to try a different class.
  • Are you using your potions? Try to not pop your health potion until the last moment, and make sure you trash the low level potions and re-slot the better ones into the quick slot in your powers bar. Sadly it doesn't just use the best ones, but will always use the weakest potions you have until you burn through them or get rid of them.