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I would like to start off by saying that I was a huge PS1 and PS2 guy. But, once this generation rolled around, I jumped into 360 full force, grabbing gold memberships, and 100% of my non-pc game purchases. Last month, I grabbed a fat ps3 for cheap, and began a nostalgia binge, playing all of my older titles while also picking up a few new games for the system that blew me away (like MGS4 and Heavy Rain). I actually kinda liked the PS3 store, free multiplayer, and Home. I guess seeing these for the first time a month ago after years of polish was far different than most of your experiences, seeing them clumsily evolve over years.

Anyhoo, after my recent awesome time with my PS3 (free multiplayer, PS1 and PS2 support) I started thinking about how am I going to collect for this generation in the future. I'm thinking it would be smart to just sell the 360 and grab all current-gen games for PS3. That way after next gen rolls out, I only really need one box under my TV go back in time and play PS1-PS3 era games.

What are your thoughts? What is it going to look like under your TV in a year from now?

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There are rumours that Durango will be able to stream to 360s via a 360 app. So you'd be able to have a Durango in your living room but play on your bedroom TV using the 360. Kind of like a local network version of OnLive. At least that's my understanding of the rumour.

I also wouldn't expect a fat PS3 to last that much longer. Mine died many years ago. Everyone I know who had one has had it die (mainly because people who spend $600 on a console use the shit out of it). I know someone who bought a used one and had it die a month later.

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oh man, I hope mine doesn't die! I got the 20GB model, then took it apart and cleaned it best I could, and then threw in a 120GB OCZ SSD, which works pretty well. But I do have to stand it up because it makes grinding noises on its side : /

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Rock Band.

Rock Band is why I'll be keeping a 360 about. (and the small matter of 800-odd tracks)

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Rock Band.

Rock Band is why I'll be keeping a 360 about. (and the small matter of 800-odd tracks)

Exactly, except change 800 to over 1,000.

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Rock Band is the only thing I can think of but I'm kinda over all that finally so my 360's only purpose now is to be sold.

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Rock Band.

Rock Band is why I'll be keeping a 360 about. (and the small matter of 800-odd tracks)


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I have about 100 games for it on my shelve right now, and I'm constantly going back to them (gotta reach 100,000G soon). If anything once the new toys come out I'll probably retire my current elite model and get a cheap 320GB slim model just to have around in case I want to play some games.

But if Durango happens to play xbox360 games then there's really no purpose in keeping it around, much like I wouldn't keep an old microwave or DVD player if I upgraded to a better model.

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Extremely cheap used games and XBLA.

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Best versions of some fighting games. Like SF4, KOF, Marvel etc.

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Rock Band.

Rock Band is why I'll be keeping a 360 about. (and the small matter of 800-odd tracks)

Amen! It's a PS3 for me, but the motivation is the same.

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I'm not going to use my 360 at all. Even if there is no backward compatibility on the 720. I've never had the slightest desire to play ANY original Xbox game with my 360... I already played them, what's the point? Besides they re-released Halo with Halo Anniversary, that's probably the only game I would've wanted to play and it was better in the HD remake by far.

I don't get too attached to things. Games like Goldeneye or FF VII were great, but I've never felt the slightest desire to play them again. Once is enough, same goes for movies, which is why I rent them on iTunes and never buy movies.

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Fighting games and my backlog.

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Really loud DVD player.

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I would be cautious to tell you to assume that your FAT PS3 is going to last like another commenter said. Those are first generation PS3's and no guarentee its going to last. I also would question the wisdom of selling your 360 games to repurchase them on ps3 (if i understood you) as you will pay a pretty heavy premium for the switch.

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I may keep my 360 around for some of the few exclusives it has, if I ever get around to getting a Ps3 though I'll likely sell it.

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The best way to play the original Halo is Halo Anniversary, a game which I pop back in every now and then just to play a bit of. It is also the only way to play Halo 3, 4, Reach, and ODST, all of which I really enjoy (though admittedly the only one that I couldn't do without is 3). It's also the home for Forza Motorsport, Gears of War, and some XBLA games that I own. Also, my 360 still has Marathon Durandal sitting on it and I plan to replay that at some point (with a controller and without the hassle of messing with options in the open-source version), plus I still want to finish Red Dead on it at some point.

I really do not like Microsoft's treatment of the 360 (what with all the moving away from games, all the ads, the slow dashboard, etc.) but I still greatly enjoy some of the games I have on it so I'm keeping mine. It might not stay plugged up but that doesn't mean I won't pull it out occasionally.

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Man I was hoping this thread was going to be about a time traveling xbox stuck in the future and people trying to justify keeping it there.

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@vade:Yeah, I customized a 360 brawlsick for SF4, but that works totally fine on my PC, and SF4 is on steam. Then I was thinking, "huh, if people are saying that my ps3 will die soon, and my 360 arcade stick and controller work on my pc anyways, maybe steam is the answer to all this?"

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I will probably still have the PS3 and 360 hooked up in a years time even after buying next gen consoles, only when I find myself not picking up a controller to either of the two for a couple of months will I pack them away since I can just bring them out again if I want to play a specific game.

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@vade:Yeah, I customized a 360 brawlsick for SF4, but that works totally fine on my PC, and SF4 is on steam. Then I was thinking, "huh, if people are saying that my ps3 will die soon, and my 360 arcade stick and controller work on my pc anyways, maybe steam is the answer to all this?"

I suppose that's fine and all if you play online. I've heard the PC version is best for online when it comes to SF4, so that's all good. For offline I still need a portable device to take with me though. Also KOF13 isn't even playable online :(

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I have an Arcade and Slim 360, I have no reason to get rid of them or the games I have for them.

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Reasons? None. None at all. My eighth 'box died on me over a month ago, and I'm DONE.

Unfortunately, it died a horrible, unrecognisable shade of its former self, saturated with ads and... more ads.

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I have no idea. I haven't turned my 360 on since 2011. I don't even know why I still have it. I've actually used my Wii more recently than my 360.

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I doubt the new Xbox will be backwards compatible. So, if you want to play the 360 games you own, keeping the 360 would be a good idea.

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Ive seen the red ring three times on separate 360's , and thats while primary using the ps3... I have low hopes of retaining my current 360 for any great lenght of time before the inevitable happens, and i sure wont buy a new one when this generation is over. So i would definitely put my vote on a ps3.

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I haven't played my 360 in a LONG time, mainly because I've had too many issues with it (I have the original 20 GB model), so the future of it will probably just sit there. Not saying I hate the system, it has some great games, it's just not really worth the hassle to try and fix it just to have it break down again a week or so later.

But I'm also more of a Sony fan so I'm going to keep my PS3 when I get a PS4, which I hear will be able to stream PS3 (as well as PS2,PS1) games.

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Well, the 360 didn't really have all that weird a processor/gpu architecture like sony did. Really wouldn't be THAT difficult to emulate it. I don't see the ps4 being fully backwards compatible with ps3 disc games. But I do see the next box having some functionality of 360 playback. Depends on if its emulation, or if it can run it natively. The most powerful pcs out there still struggle emulating ps2 games, but usually have an easy time with wii games. Such an easier architecture to work with.

I say keep your 360 around just in case. But if you don't see you going back to those games ever, then it may not be the end of the world if you got rid of it.

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I made a conscious choice to never again sell a videogame console. At some point in the future (a couple generations down the line) there may be some games where you will have to have the original console...

I decided that because I never in my life kept consoles around (mostly sold them all, except for my 2600 which suffered an untimely demise), and I really wish I had those consoles around to get my nostalgia on.

At some point in the future, people will plug their 360's and go full nostalgia mode over call of duty, reminiscing that it was at one point the hot shit...

I want to be part of that future.