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Hello there bombing community!

I am currently 1 mission away from finishing my second Mass Effect 3 play threw and I am looking to you guys for a suggestion on what to dive into next, however it must be a game that is already in my collection. My wife and I are saving money to move to a new apartment so buying new games isn't really an option right now, plus I find that we the consumers tend treat games as being completely disposable and rarely do people go back to them 2 or 3 years later. I am not speaking for everyone of course but I do seem to be the odd one out among my gaming friends who rarely have more than the 2 or 3 games that they are currently playing in their collection at any given time. So without further a due I give you my list by platform!

Xbox 360(with some Xbox originals mixed in).


Halo 2

Halo 3


Halo Reach

Grand Theft Auto III

GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas


Red Dead Redemption

Ninja Gaiden Black

Ninja Gaiden II

Call Of Duty 4



Hitman Blood Money

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 3

Mirror`s Edge (Never finished)

Dead Space

Left 4 Dead (Don't have gold live right now so it may as well not be on the list)

The Orange Box

Portal 2

Street Fighter IV

Resident Evil 5

Dead Rising

Dead Rising 2 (didn't finish my second play threw)

Bayonetta (Loved it but never finished it and I don't know why)

Shadows of the Damned

Fable II

Rainbow Six Vegas


Fallout 3



Saints Row the Third

Batman Arkham City

Xbox Live Arcade.

Bastion (never finished)

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (never played)

Bionic Commando Rearmed (Never finished)

Bully (Never played)


Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Geometry Wars

Geometry Wars 2


Marble Blast Ultra

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Pac-Man CE

Pac-Man CEDX


Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Resident Evil 4

Rez (Never finished)

Shadow Complex

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Arcade.


Borderlands (Only played 2 hours or so)

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena/Butcher Bay (Never played either of them)



FEAR 2 (Never finished)

Fallout New Vegas

Max Payne (Never played)

Max Payne 2


Starwars Knights of the Old Republic

Team Fortress 2

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (Never finished)

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines (Never finished or got very far)

Warhammer 40K Space Marine (Never played)

The Witcher Enhanced Edition (Never played)

Playstation 2

Odin Sphere (Never played)

Shadow of the Colossus

Okami (Never finished)

Oni (Never played)

Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance

I think that's everything. Many of the PC games I picked up during the Steam sales last December and I just haven't had time to play them yet. Not to mention some of them may have been impulse buys because I mean come on, both riddick games for like $2; who could say no right?

Anyways, suggestion is the name of the game and whatever game gets the most praise or "you haven't play that yet!" comments is probably what I will dive into next. I think my problem might just be too much choice...

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let's go with okami during the day, and dead space by night.

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The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

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Bully. fact

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All of them. Just cram them all into your console and what ever plays is the winner. 

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All of them except TMNT 1989 Arcade, It didn't age well, possible fun for a few minutes.

Now get to work, you have a lot to do.

: )

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@MrJorOwe said:

Bully. fact

Bully indeed. As somebody who played through a good chunk of Scholarship Edition a while back after finishing the original PS2 version years ago, I think it's pretty safe to say that the gameplay and its writing even more so still hold up well nowadays, so I'd imagine it would still make for a great experience playing through it for the first time. If there's any game that proves Rockstar is capable of brilliantly humorous writing outside of gritty, completely adult dramas, it's Bully, with all of its delightful prep school culture and Dead Poet Society-esque references. It's a tame, but in a mischievous way that I think goes a long way to giving it a distinct vibe, even as a Rockstar game.

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I say odin sphere. i have always heard good things.

Also me and the wife are also playing through two ps2 games at the moment: MK shaolin monks, and timesplitters future perfect and we're having some good fun.

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So far Bully seems to be the front runner, but lets keep 'er going shall we.

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@Ravenlight said:



If he did that he would never get to anything else.

Meanwhile, if you have a PC capable of playing games then why on Earth is The Orange Box not on it? Either way, I recommend The Orange Box over everything else on the list because it's both short enough to not take ages and endearing enough to make you remember it. That is, unless you're one of those guys that don't like Half-Life.

And if you don't agree with that, then the best thing to do is pick three different games and alternate between them so as not to get bored of any of them.

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Go finish Bayonetta, its fantastic!

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@Nux said:

The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

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bully hands down

#18 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

El Shaddai.

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Fucking finish Bayonetta

Then finish Okami

Then play 2/3 through Odin Sphere and get frustrated and stop

Then play Vampire: The Masquerade

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Well that's simple. Mirror's Edge, Rez, or Okami. These are all great games that you should finish since you own them.

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I wil go for the action stuff! Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden Black!!

#22 Posted by WMWA (1162 posts) -

Bully! Especially since you've never played it. It's fantastic, probably my favorite game of all time

#23 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4899 posts) -

San Andreas is the best game of all time. So play it.

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Red Dead Redemption is awesome.

#25 Posted by Hector (3380 posts) -

The Witcher Enhanced Edition for sure.

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Stop everything you're doing and play Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Now!!

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The Chronicles of Riddick

The Witcher

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Vice City!

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@killacam said:

let's go with okami during the day, and dead space by night.

Here's a solid choice. 
Other great options would be to play Borderlands or Witcher Enhanced Edition.
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@JasonR86 said:


Well that's simple. Mirror's Edge, Rez, or Okami. These are all great games that you should finish since you own them.

Add Bastion and especially Bully to that mix.

might as well take on what you haven't, unless you really have a hankerin' to redo a game.

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I say Bastion. It shouldn't take long, and you'll feel more accomplished that way.

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Arkham City, Saints Row the Third, or The Witcher

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The Witcher. Set yourself a goal of getting out of the village area and into the main town. People have trouble with the "boss fight" in that area so if you make it through it, your good to go for the rest of the game. Just drink potions before the battle, use blade stones & oils. if you level up your knockback spell you may get lucky and stun him.

Other than that, I'd finish Bayonetta. The ending is pretty great.

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You should totally play Borderlands with me. That's one of the games I'm trying to finish.

#35 Posted by corruptsaves (221 posts) -

I would go for Bully as well, it hard a strong start and is a great game. I wasn't very satisfied with how it ended though.

#36 Posted by BBQBram (2294 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption 100% in like four sessions. Yeehah!

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New Vegas if you want compelling narrative!

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@Nentisys said:

Go finish Bayonetta, its fantastic!

This. It just gets crazier and crazier, and still manages to end on a high note. And even then, you've only seen a fraction of the game (but since you've got a backlog, you can worry about that later).

Then, Arkham City.

#39 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Well there is clearly only one answer here: Yaris!

#40 Posted by ProfessorEss (7523 posts) -

I know this is a cop-out but I suggest adding Just Cause 2 to your collection and playing that.

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You should finish Bastion. And Bayonetta.

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too much games. i got like 4,5 games and all of them is good and super replay value.

ps why i cant make thread suddenly? did you mods disable my ability to make thread without giving any info to me?

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I would just go through them by release date, oldest first, of the games you have not played or finished. That said, I do recommend the Riddick games.

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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistance

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so many good games, i say portal 1 and 2 first as they are easy. i never played 2 though. oblivion, fable 2.

#47 Posted by wreakOnes (48 posts) -

Awesome! I wake up in the morning to discover that people on giantbomb are so helpful!

Ok so it's bully in first place followed by bayonetta I think. In third place?

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If it's not too late I'd suggest Borderlands. But Bully and Bayonetta are good choices.

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@wreakOnes: I'd recommend Odin Sphere for the PS2 simply because you haven't played it yet. Coincidentally, I also have Odin Sphere and haven't played it.

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@JohnTheGamer: Boom! Game club idea. Anyone else out there own Odin Sphere and not yet played it?