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Going on a long ass flight and have time to kill. Have any suggestions for iPad games that can be played by two players on a plane? (No internet, noisy, etc...)

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Take turns playing Plants VS Zombies.

That's what I did I'm my 9 hour flight over seas.

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How long is it? I went on a 30+ hour trip to New Zealand, and kind of relied on the airliner to provide a shit load of movies I had never seen before. I was right, until a month later I had to go back and the movies were all the same...

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Air hockey simulator? Yeaaaah,

Look for pass n' play board games ported over to the iPad. I don't know what has 2 player local support, but I do know that there are versions of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island, Ghost Stories, and Carcassonne available for the iPad.

Board games are an easy way to spend a fuckload of time.

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Did that Word Fighter game come out yet?

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words with friends has pass n play support if you are into that sort of thing. also echoing ticket to ride.