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I recently finished Primordia, and i really loved playing that game (it is a bit short though). Now it gave me a craving for more adventure point and click games. In the past i played broken sword 1 and 2 (never liked the 3D ones). I even played lure of the temptress way back when i had an amiga 64, but i got stuck ( i was about 8-9 years old and my understanding of the english language wasn't that great) Beyond these games my experience with the genre is minimal.

I enjoy the style of Primordia (the gritty sci fi vibe and all that), does wadjet eye have more games like this and are they worth playing. Or any old classics i'm missing out on? Doesn't have to be in the same gritty sci fi style even. Just good solid point and clickers.

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Machinarium, Samorost 2, and The Secret of Monkey Island.

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Gemini Rue was pretty cool, and has a futuristic vibe. Grim Fandango is one of my favorites. I also really liked the Monkey Island remakes and the Tell Tale series, but those are more humorous than gritty.

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Sam and Max: Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango, Beneath a Steel Sky, Zak Mckraken, Loom, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and The Secret of Monkey Island.

Also, if you can, try the Humungous adventure games. Like Putt-Putt, Freddi Fish, Spy fox, and Pajama Sam.

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Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey, Full Throttle, Syberia series

Gemini Rue was good and has that gritty sci-fi style.

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Just this year, there's been:

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Resonance (from Vince Twelve and Wadget Eye; also has Logan Cunningham as a voice)

Botanicula (Amanita Design who did Machinarium)

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The Dream Machine (finally another claymation/stop-motion adventure game since Neverhood)

I think the most dense and deep-end classic adventure game that I wouldn't recommend quite yet would be The Longest Journey. But if you're up for contemporary Broken Sword like adventures with lots of sci-fi and fantasy with mature dialogue, check it out.

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Wow thanks duders, i'll check these out!

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Good Old Games has some FANTASTIC titles in their lineup. You also don't have to do any weird computer voodoo just to get the games to run on a modern machine either.

1. The Gabriel Knight Series: Start with Sins Of the Fathers and go from there. The plot centers around a New Orleans native, Gabriel Knight. He's a hack author/rare bookstore owner investigating a grisly series of ritualistic murders. What starts as research for an upcoming book becomes a delve into the darkest recesses of New Orleans occult history, conspiracy and voodoo. Watching Knight's transformation from a womanizing layabout into a badass paranormal investigator/demon hunter is just damn fun to watch. Tim Curry's awesomely bad Nawlins accent is also worth the price of admission alone.

The other two titles, The Beast Within and Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned are also fantastic and well worth your time. Blood of the Sacred is really janky, but the story is goddamn mind blowing. I cannot gush over these titles enough.

2. The Longest Journey: Fantastic voice acting, stellar art design and one of the smartest stories in gaming. It can get unbearably hard at times, but the payoff is well worth it.

3. The Walking Dead: Believe the hype. This is being shortlisted for numerous GOTY nominations for a damn good reason.

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In addition to what others have already said (particularly The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and Gemini Rue), I would argue that The Walking Dead is basically a point n' click adventure game. Also, it's probably the best game to come out this year.

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The Longest Journey was really good.

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something about the walking dead never really clicked with me to be honest. And i'm a big fan of the comic books (the tv series is kinda bad imo)

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as a few others mentioned the HD remakes of the Monkey Island games are great. They were some of the first Point and click adventure games I played.

Also, while its not technically a point and click adventure game L.A. Niore had elements of the genre mixed with third person action but hey, whatever!

Lastly, Machinarium is pretty dope

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I recently played through Deponia and that was pretty good.

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Definitely play Gemini Rue if you liked Primordia. It isn't all that long either but it's a good sci-fi story by the same group of people.

The Longest Journey is good.

I'm playing The Next Big Thing and The Runaway series right now. They're alright so far.

Resonance looks really good but I haven't played it yet.

Let me know if you find any really good sci-fi adventures. I ALWAYS go for a good sci-fi click adventure story.

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Is this an appropriate place for me to mention that after watching the Primordia quick look this afternoon, I felt up for digging into a point and click adventure myself, so I started up Machinarium and after about 20 minutes the game really started handing me my ass? Not that I was dying or anything, as so far in the game you can't die, it's just that apparently I am not observant enough for point and click games. At least not one that doesn't have a "show me all the stuff I can interact with" button...

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There's something for you in here..."November" Fatbomb.

Fatbomb Blog November Edition
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The Legend of Kyrandia Trilogy was awesome, some of my favourite games back in the mid-90s...still hoping one day they will release them on GOG.com

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Monkey Island 1 & 2 both have HD remakes.

Humongous Entertainment's point and click adventures are easy and funny. I liked Pajama Sam the best but I never played much of the others (and Spy Fox, with its 5-10 recommended age group, was/is too hard for me.)

Day of the Tentacle is, so I'm told, the best that classic LucasArts has to offer. I played it and liked it but haven't played every LucasArts game so I don't know.

The Walking Dead is light on puzzles but very heavy on storytelling and death.

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If you have a DS and don't mind Japanese stuff the Ace Attorney series is very good. I heard somewhere that they were planning to make HD remakes for the Ipad but that could be bullshit.

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Try the Blackwell series from Wadjet Eye. They start out rough in both VA and dialog, but get consistently better, while the charm and ambition are consistent throughout.

Oh, and it's about ghost hunting.

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Man, kinda sad to see a bunch of people thinking of games like Gemini Rue, Grim Fandango and the Monkey Island games as "Decent" Point N Click adventure games. 
Guess I'm the only one here who thinks those games were fucking good

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Strongbad's Cool Game For Attractive People