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Hello Giant bomber

I just finished watching all endurance runs and it's really hard to find playthroughs with good commentary. Do you guys have any recommendation? I already watch Youtube channels like Twobestfriends and brainscratchcomms, and prefer commentery in duos/or more.

Edit: thanks for the answers, I'll check them out

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@floating_knives: So I used to watch Sips, he had a nice laid back and fairly entertaining Skyrim play-through. I stopped watching around episode 80, here's the link to the playlist Skyrim playlist. I stopped finding him funny around beginning of 2013. Maybe it was me or maybe because he gained popularity quite quickly he felt he needed to play up to a bigger audience by doing broad humour. His minecraft series before that was also entertaining, that was with another guy named Sjin. Check it out

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the LP archive, there's a pretty staggering amount of LP's on there, most of which do not involve groups or are screenshot LP's but there is a pretty large amount that are video/group. Use the filters to find them or search by game/author.

One of the most famous LP's on the archive is the one of Sonic 2006. I watched the entire thing in three days while sick at home. It's basically a group of people who if I'm not mistaken play through the entirety of Sonic 2006 in one sitting while slowly going insane.

I'll edit this post if I think of more

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I've been watching the GameInformer Super Replay (a show where GameInformer dudes play through the entirety of games) of Half-Life. The game is being played by our very own Dan Ryckert and he's joined by 2-3 guests each episode. It's genuinely funny and you will get to know the site's newest hire a bit more.

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I don't mind the Achievement Hunter guys. Game Grumps is ok but with those guys you either love them or hate them.. I also think some to TotalBiscuit's lps are worth checking out even though I'm not a super big fan of him.

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ILLBLEED by supergreatfriend is pretty great in my book


its done by a someone thats not trying to make a living off youtube videos so there's no 10 minute videos for extra ad revenue or shilling for likes and subscribes.

EDIT: whoops after looking through the playlist again they are 10 minute videos but I think that was because of youtube timelimits when this was done.

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Look up Sonic 2006 on the lp archive. It's like an endurance run taken to the next level. Other than that any Chip and ironicus Lets play from metal gear 2 onward. Metal Gear Solid 4 may be their best.

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As someone mentioned with Half Life, Game Informer Super Replays. They're mostly really good, even all the terrible survival horror games.

Plus, new Dan shows up in most of em! This page shows a bunch of them, but they've done a couple more since. All should be on Youtube, as well. For ones where Ryckert plays, here's a few I remember:

Start with Yoshi's Island, of course.

Trapt is fantastic, it really is and plays right into Dan's strengths (getting super excited over making crazy stuff happen). I had never heard of it, either.

Link to the Past, where he thinks he's a pro.

Here's Dan at his absolute worst as the series go on, trolling JeffM to no end in the original Ninja Gaiden.

This is an old, old one. Last episode gets intense. Mario 3. And for the hell of it, the original Zelda is the one that got me to know the Game Infomer staff. So that's worth doing as background while doing more productive things. If you like those dudes, check out Mega Man Legends and Tail of the Sun (which is an insane rabbit hole to jump into). Overblood and Overblood 2 and Blue Stinger are landmarks with those guys.

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Can't go wrong with any LP by Chip and Ironicus.

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Any LPs by Achievement Hunter are great. Very few are over an hour. They are edited to be funny. They come up with challenges in many games such as Minecraft or GTA. Other times they just play typical game modes such as team deathmatch or do co-op. They've been doing this since late 2012, and are easily my favorite lets players. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkxctb0jr8vwa4Do6c6su0Q

Videogamesawesome is another group of amazing people. I've been watching these guys longer than any other letsplayers. Some of my favorite include Legend of Zelda: 4 Swords Adventures and all of their Mario Party episodes. So much cooperation and competition. They also have a really good LP of the Mass Effect trilogy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNUx8bzoHniTZ3hp-UfA4OQ

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It all depends on what you want.

I think Jesse Cox is pretty funny.

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There is a reason the Yogscast folk became popular enough to cause such controversy as of late, and that's their Shadow of Israphel minecraft series. It is genuinely funny and inventive. It is also the first series of theirs that really took off. Definitely worth a watch. It goes from basic minecraft survival to a sprawling adventure quite magnificently.

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The Game Informer Super Replay of Illbleed is tremendous. I second it if you want to see Dan in his former life.

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I like game grumps, but it very easily falls in the category of you'll either love it or hate it.

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It's always been pleasant to watch Kikoskia. Well, at least, he doesn't get on my nerves, which means he's fantastic compared to other Let's Players.

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Northernlion - Does daily streams on Twitch & uploads 1-2 videos a day. Mostly does rogue-likes, but sprinkles in a couple different things in there. Very user interactive.

Baertaffy - I'm pretty positive this guy and Northernlion are friends, but I'm not positive. He's sort of like Northernlion with an emphasis on rogue-likes, but he also dabbles in a lot of other games. He's one of my favorites, and interacts with his audience A LOT during his daily streams.

Lewis & Simon (Yogscast) - It's hard not to recommend these guys if you want to laugh. They typically do some scripted Minecraft stuff, but they have been diving into a lot of improvised content as well. Their Yogslabs stuff is awesome.

Captainsparklez - This guy was one of my first YouTube subs. He's just a really nice guy, does a lot of fun content, and interacts with his fans a lot. Great to watch if you have children, as he doesn't cuss. Except very occasionally on his live streams.

Game Grumps - Pretty sure these guys are well known, but it's three dudes who play through games. They have some really funny banter, but be warned: they cuss a ton. Not safe to have small ones around.

Jesse Cox - He's a really funny dude who use to be a teacher and voice-actor. He has a lot of fun making his videos, and generally goes for cheesy one liners. If you want to watch a normal dude be normal-stupid, give him a shot.

ThatOneVideoGamer - He's a completionist to the uptenth degree. Once a week he completes a game 100% (finds all secrets, collectibles, etc) and 'reviews' the game. Really nice guy and definitely a lot of fun to watch his videos. His earlier ones are good, but you can easily tell that he's gotten better at it.

Totalbiscuit - Not really an LP'er, but he makes some really good informative videos. He can get a little tiresome with his wit, but they don't call him the 'cynical brit' for nothing. He recently revealed that he has cancer, so his videos have been spares lately. Fantastic guy, though.

Trump - This guy is my go-to when I'm cleaning. He is an absolute wizard that plays Hearthstone. At least 1-2 videos a day, and he is extremely informative as he goes.

That's my main recommendations. I have upwards for 100+ subscriptions on my list, but these are my favorites.