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I'm looking for some good background games! I've been playing a lot of simulation games while I'm watching videos on El Grande Bomba or youtube. Just simple stuff that I dont need to focus hard on.

A couple of examples are things like Minecraft, Eurotruck Simulator, and doing taxi stuff in GTA 5 (though the fact I cant wait at stop lights without the passenger getting out really frustrates me). Dead Rising for just some brainless zombie splotching (though hardly a simulation!). Space Engineers looks really cool, but I need more to do than what they currently have.

HOWEVER, due to the temporary living arrangement I'm in, I'm about 10 feet from my moniter, so games with small font are un-doable, or I'd be Path of Exiling

I'm rocking a PC, Vita, and PS3 at the moment.

Please suggest some games for me to play around in the background!

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What about turn-based strategy games like Disgaea (PS3/Vita) or X-Com? It's all menu based so there's no immediate reaction required from you as far as I know.

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Civ 5.

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Maybe Civilization V? It's all turned-based and you can follow the hints if you don't want to focus too much on it.

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Bit.Trip Runner.

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I'm not sure how small the font is on these but I'll suggest anyway. It depends if you like the genre but Civilisation is a great passive sort (turn based) same deal with Crusader Kings 2 but that has a much much higher learning curve than Civ, I'd say play the demo because that game is not for everyone. I have played a lot of Dungeons of Dredmor while watching documentaries on my second monitor. Total war can be passive-ish outside the real time battles.

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Try MMO's? They're basically 99% boring shit, and you can actually tune in every once in a while if you want to enjoy the 1% of the game that's good.

Also, I'm not sure if Vita has backwards compatibility, but the PSP Tactics Ogre remake was supposedly pretty freaking good.

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@yinstarrunner: MMOs require some amount of activity, macro'd MMOs on the other hand... Hotline Miami is a good game to leave on just for the music.

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WWE All-Stars

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You want Recettear. You can jack it up to full screen, and everything about it is both kind of addictive and also somewhat mindless once you get the hang of it. Fun game, cheap, and with a surprisingly deep amount of sheer content.

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Also, might I recommend Princess Maker?

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Cookie Clicker.

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@believer258 said:

What about turn-based strategy games like Disgaea (PS3/Vita) or X-Com? It's all menu based so there's no immediate reaction required from you as far as I know.

Disgaea sounds like the best bet to me...

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animal crossing

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No one forces you to take your turn = it's passive aggressive? Aggressive because you shoot innocent visitors all the time.

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In the middle of typing out Animal Crossing, I scroll up and see theres no 3DS.

Check out Torchlight II's fonts - bit bigger than PoE with the same sort of hack and slash fun.

If simulation's your thing, i'd say Kerbal Space Program.

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My background game of choice is either an MMO or an indie game that doesn't take a lot of thought. Rogue Legacy was a good one, once you get the basics down, it's just grinding gold.

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I got hooked on GT5 recently and the b-spec mode is as passive as it gets.

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You want passive? Gratuitous Space Battles. As the name suggests.... it's about gratuitous space battles. You set up the ships, and you can "program" their behaviour to some extent, but when the battle starts the AI takes over and the fighting is done for you. Recent patches allow the player to adjust which ships attack which other ships, but in general, you can let the AI do the work. Battles can take ages if you set the time to normal speed, and it generates a fascinating light show. It's not exactly "difficult", but it is very customizable and if you just want to watch pretty ships annihilate each other in space, it's fun enough.

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Cookie clicker. Doesn't get much more passive than that

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Cookie clicker. Doesn't get much more passive than that

Yes. Cookie clicker beats Candy Box in the passive attribute in a 10 to 1 ratio, no contest.

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@gladiator_games: Since you said GTA5's taxi give Crazy Taxi demo on xbox live a try, its a lot less simulation style and more arcade like fun. Also anything arcade like should be able to give you some quick fun. Hydro Thunder also comes to mind.

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Democracy 3 just came out.

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Godus, maybe wait until it's done though

I finished 10000000 today, that would be worth looking at too.

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Eve Online (mining) and Cookie Clicker.

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Terraria is my podcast game of the moment. Dungeons of dredmor was my previous one.

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Is Metal Gear Acid available on the PSN, and playable on the Vita? If so, that.

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Don't even try cookie clicker. It is very, very difficult to get out from it's grasp. In fact only the combination of school and GTA 5 release got me away. I try to never look back, lest it happen again. I'm not even being sarcastic.

Terraria is amazing

as is Dungeons of Dredmor

Don't Starve: Play a little, die, play a little more, come back for a new update

Mount and Blade? Can be slightly involved and a bit complex to understand initially, but once you get into a grove of things you can just keep trucking for a long mid-game.

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Total War and Terraria are definitely good options.

Mount and Blade? Can be slightly involved and a bit complex to understand initially, but once you get into a grove of things you can just keep trucking for a long mid-game.

M and B Warband is good one yeah. You'd need to focus for the first hour or so when you're figuring out what's going on, but past that it'd really work.

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DEFCON. Nothing like the sound of a woman gently sobbing in the background to calm the nerves.

(it actually is sort of a chill game though).

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Garrysmod - Kerbal Space Program - Starcraft 2 Arcade

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I enjoy dungeon crawlers/RPGs while watching TV. Stuff like Pokemon, FF, persona, SMT, Etrian Odyssey etc. have good grinds that don't require any brain power to do.

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Gotta catch 'em Pokem.... oh no 3DS?

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention on Vita? Or Final Fantasy: War of the Lions on PSN.

Also, Dead Rising as example of a passive game? A game with thousands of deadly enemies, escort missions and a strict time limit? That's your example of a passive game? Why not Street Fighter IV than?

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This may be why I am absolute shit at it, but I listen to podcasts/Jar Time, etc when playing Spelunky.

Also something to consider: I have found recently that my in-ear earbuds fit nicely under my over the ear headphones. So I can play podcast on the earbuds, and still have game sound for things with the headphones, if you like to play games with sound.

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Warrior has best offensive proc aggro, and best passive game.

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cookie clicker

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Poker Night at the Inventory 2 was recently added to the PS+ list of free games.

Nothing more relaxing than playing poker with money that isn't yours, and you can hold your hand for as long as you want.

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Don't Starve is really smart game, especially how people complain about how terreria and minecraft are just loading up a faq on a laptop, you slowly learn Don't Starve's world as you progress. Plus when you die you earn XP for another character who sees the world differently, weird manliness or madness.

Gunpoint I find relaxing, even if it's a bit more fast paced. It's still trying to figure out what to hack what not to hack, who goes where, like incredible machine. The music and style are just so relaxing, when your not dodging bullets when you messed up a sneak attempt

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agree with hermes Try playing poker :D this will enhance your skills in poker live :D if not try solitaire just to relax your mind :D

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Eve online is a pretty good, stare at other things whilst it's running game, if that's you're type of thing

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I played the shit out of Binding of Isaac while watching GB vids. Just turn the sound off and put it into windowed mode.

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