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This is a forum for all of those who had at one time been on WOW crack...
We need to help each other and our brothers who are still giving up their real lives to be able to live as an all-epiced hero of Azeroth.
Please help to kick the addiction

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Lucky for me I can say I only tried WOW and did not understand why it was so big and then went back to playing Guild Wars. :)

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I tried wow and it was awful.

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I had an addiction to World of Warcrack... tough times tough times.

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I know this is the internet and shit, but that's a typo and a half.

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I had the trial and just couldn't get into it

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Thank god its over.

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Wow, i didn't know people who played world of warcraft were rooms directly under a roof.


And ontopic, i got over my addiction a year ago.

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i was addicted for a month in may/june, but then my free month ended. i couldnt get another month card until about 5 days after that, but when i did, i just couldnt get back into it. wasted $30 :( .