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My second 360 went dead about 2 hours ago. DAM!

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search :P there is another thread on this

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This thread belongs in the 360 forum, you should check there for this topic and anything else Xbox 360 related.

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I had one 2 years ago I think my second one is coming soon I can't play gta4 or burnout paradise anymore

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banksrob said:
"search :P there is another thread on this
Shit dude, I did not know!
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i've never had the red ring of death and i've owned my xbox360 almost 2 yrs

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I haven't gotten it yet. phew

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This thread should be in the 360 forum really. I have had it once.

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One, and I've had a 360 since launch.

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No red rings here.  I'm surprisingly running on a launch day 360 still.  Never had to send it in for anything.  :)

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Ive been through two. If I hit three I think Ill be all done with the 360.....I think.

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I bought mine a couple months after launch and I just got a RRoD a couple of weeks ago.
For a while there I thought I'd never get one but I was wrong.

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I had it. Those 5 days were painful...

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I have had it once. Luckily I had a warranty when it happened so I went to my local gamestore and got another one fore free. I didn't  have to ship it to Microsoft luckily.

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CaLe said:
"Launch 360 and never had 1 problem with it.
Hooray launch day 360s!
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I've had it twice, but Microsoft was actually faster then I thought they would be.

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1! The guy is comign to collect from ma house tommorow. Seriously can't wait. Mass Effect...

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Once. (and i have my xbox 6 months ago)

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Pikachu said:
"i've never had the red ring of death and i've owned my xbox360 almost 2 yrs
Mine went a few days ago after the same amount of time.
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armacore said:
"My 2nd 360 had a RROD on arrival.
That fucking sucks, dude. Red Rings right out of the box? You sure they didn't just send your broke-ass one back?
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I have had it happen twice. I am on my 3rd 360 now.

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Sdodd412 said:
Your joking YES?
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I'm on my fourth Xbox 360 now >_>