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Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars was a blog site that was about a couple years ago. At the time it was makin all the headlines by coming out with insane predictions of games that nobody even knew about yet. This just flicked back into my mind right now as I was watching a GDC video.

The main thing I remember about the blog was it's claims about the new Prince of Persia. At the time, pretty much everyone said it was just some guy playing a dumb hoax, because it was just a bunch of crazy pie-in-the-sky rumours. Then when PoP actually did come out, it looked nothing like these screenshots and we all knew that this SurferGirl thing was just a joke.

I'm watching a video from Autodesk at GDC now though (cos thats what I do, I make games) and LO AND BEHOLD, it was all totally true from the start.

Actual genuine screenshot all along

Well that's it, bye.
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People thought it was a hoax? Huh.
By that point we had already seen that Surfer Girl seemed to know what she (?) was talking about. But people were still questioning Surfer Girl's reliability?