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So I just finished the new XCOM (I lag) and I was thinking about replaying it. My question to you is, do you replay your games right away or do you move on and come back later? I feel like I could probably pick it back up after something else, but I might forget some of the more nuanced strategies. Advice is much appreciated.

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If you feel like playing it again straight after completing it, I'd say go for it, get as much out of it as possible. I personally lose motivation when I put a game down and leave it for awhile, so if it were me, I'd play it again if I still had any interest in it.

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When I was a kid and only got a couple games a year I'd replay them right away. Now I replay them later on. Usually you can pick it up again after a couple minutes, unless its something that requires skill of a highly technical nature like dogfighting in Warhawk or combos in a fighting game.

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Nowadays alot of games don't feel worth replaying to me. If the game doesn't have unlockables or rewards after completion. I won't feel the need to go back to replay it again, unless I really enjoyed the game. Kinda makes me think of the ps1 and ps2 generations, where there was actually more replay value in games.

Alot of those games I replayed alot at the time. Because they had unlockables that was worth getting. Nowadays games unlockables are DLC that you have to pay.

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If I don't replay them right away, I likely never will.

I'll generally only replay games I really really like, and ones that tend to be short.

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Move on and come back later. There are soo many games that I need to finish, and to make it worse there will be more incoming.

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I replay games all the time. If its a good game it should be fun more than once. Pop a game back in 6-months later, a year later, something like that. It'll be fun again.

Though recently i played The Witcher 2 twice in a row, like i beat it the first time and started a new playthrough the very next day. But in that game, a third of the way through you make a choice that DRAMATICALLY changes the rest of the game. So it was almost an entirely new experience actually.

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If I really like a game I might go back and replay it a few months later. I have only done this once or twice though.

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These days I do narrative games over several weeks, then I just replay them with the sound down and streams going in the background. I find it hard to go back after moving on these days,though.

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Depends on the style of game. If it's something built to be short and replayable like XCom then sure. As long as I had fun with it and felt like I want more time with it to try a completely different build/strategy for playing the game to the end. If it's like an RPG or something hell no. The only exception to an RPG would be if it's something like an all time favourite like KOTOR or Dragon Age: Origins. I go out of my way to try and replay those every year or two, but I would never just fire it up again as soon as I was done with it. Except for Dragon Age, and I only did it with that game because I wanted to see how different the story was with another race. When I realized it's just the same story with a few bits of chat changed here and there, I stopped and gave it a few weeks before I replayed it again to completion.

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Unless I have nothing else to play right away I usually come back to them later.

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It takes a special kind of game for me to want to replay it immediately after completion. Dishonored comes to mind as a recent example (Because it's short), as does XCOM (though that was more me constantly failing on Ironman Classic than truly replaying it.)

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I can't think of many games I immediately played again. It's usually at least a month or two before I come back to it. I do enjoy playing games I enjoyed again, though; I just get annoyed with myself when I do because that time could be better spent playing games I haven't already finished.

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Sometimes I replay games right away, but most times I wait a bit and come back later. If I really like a game, I will usually play it again at least once, likely more than once. I am a big fan of replaying/rewatching games, movies, and tv shows I like.