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Hello. As the title suggests, I'm simply requesting a feature, similar to what happens when Patrick goes live on twitch with his spelunky stuff, I get an email from twitch about it. Sadly, as far as I know at least, there is no way of having giant bomb send you an email whenever they go live for stuff like Unprofessional Fridays or Breaking Brad. While I do usually see them on the "coming up" section, sometimes there are spontaneous streams that are not announced until 5 minutes before they go live and I almost always miss these because there is no way of knowing that they are about to happen unless I spend all of my days monitoring facebook, twitter or t he giant bomb site. I do however quickly notice whenever I get an email.

It really sucks to check the site and see that you are nearly three hours late to a stream. Sure I can rewind but it is a lot more fun to see it live.