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Does anyone still remembers this game, I first played it on Commodore 64 and I thought it was great. I just wish they would revive this game today and make it into a MMO. Wouldn't that be cool? What do you guys think?

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Again? No. God. We've done it twice. Let's not do it again. You can't keep reviving a game expecting it to have the same hold.

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Yeah the second one is still modern enough and it's such a fucking incredible game.

I just want Firaxis to do whatever they feel like doing.

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@Cretaceous_Bob: I've never played Pirates! Which version should I play? The second one? (...which version is that?)

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@Little_Socrates: Second one is newer, so I would suggest this one.

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The newest version was ported to the iPad not too terribly long ago. I don't think it's time for another revival.

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The 2004 version still looks good and plays very well. I think a multiplayer version could be cool, but not an MMO. A coop version?

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I think it's too early, but I would still buy the fuck outta that game if they decided to revive it once again.

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I was in the camp of reviving Sid Meier's Pirates for this generation. However, i thought about how awesome the last iteration was from 2004 and how it holds up for today's standards. I would prefer for them to have an HD re-release of the latest game if Firaxis is up for it.

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@Little_Socrates: The Second one is pretty solid game, it looks much prettier and most of the important gameplay elements remain pretty unchanged.

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@Little_Socrates said:

@Cretaceous_Bob: I've never played Pirates! Which version should I play? The second one? (...which version is that?)

Sid Meier's Pirates! is on Steam for $5. The original has the same title, but it's from the '80s and I doubt you'd see that anywhere except maybe GOG. Otherwise anything Pirates! is the 2004 remake.

There was an Xbox 1 version that was a very good port of the game for the time. You could play that on the 360; Pirates! is on the downloadable Xbox Originals for something probably too high like $20, or you could find a copy of the Xbox 1 disc and stick it in the 360.

There's also a Wii version of it, if that's a thing you have, and I'd suspect it's probably a pretty good version of the game, but I don't know myself. I think there's a PSP version too.

It was never really a big hit at the time, and I don't think critical reaction was ecstatic over the game, so I certainly can't guarantee that you'd have the same experience I had, but Pirates! is one of my favourite games of all time. It is one of the most perfectly executed sandbox game, and not a sandbox game in a GTA sort of way, but a sandbox game like FTL or XCOM or Civilization that builds an engrossing story in your head purely through its gameplay mechanics.

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@Cretaceous_Bob said:

Sid Meier's Pirates! is on Steam for $5. The original has the same title, but it's from the '80s and I doubt you'd see that anywhere except maybe GOG. Otherwise anything Pirates! is the 2004 remake.

There's also Pirates! Gold on the Mega Drive which is my favourite version.

Seriously needs to be released on Android, its such a damn timesink.

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It's a great game, but still a bit too modern for a full on revival.

What we really need is a modern take on Sid Meier's Covert Action

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I would take a futuristic Anno 2070 style sequel to sid meiers pirates. Make everything futuristic and every settlement on islands due to global warming.

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I played the 2004 one and it was awesome, I'd love a new game.

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Holy shit I would love another Pirates game. Thread, make it happen!

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@Slag: The only problem I had with it that it was constantly crushing on my WIndows Me, but really what was not crushing on Windows Me? :)

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I mean can you guys image playing Pirates with several thousand people on the same map, some guys being pirates, others traders, still others having powerful warship and working for some government ???

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Get Pirates of the Burning Sea?

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@berciulka: Well to be fair to Windows ME (which you're right, probably probably was the source of your problem), it is also a Firaxis game. Things to be great but bug-riddled. I had it crash twice-ish on my playthrough back in the day I think on XP.

I agree it a multiplayer Pirates does sound like fun. Dunno if it really needs to MMO though, I would think more than 4 players or so would be enough to make a lot of game mechanics hard to play in the Caribbean. It would get pretty crowded pretty quick on the old Pirates! map.

Unless you know the map was huge and fictional.

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The last game was great fun, and it would be nice to see more done with the franchise. I don't want an MMO, though. I would like to see them dig deep into the pirate mythos and take it in a less cartoon-y direction, but that seems too far afield of the Fireaxis playbook.

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If we're getting a Sim City revival this year, I see no reason why not. I don't think it should be their next game, but at the same time I would be super pumped for it as someone who's looking to get into the series (much like I got into Civ with Civ V).

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Just leave the dancing bits behind please.

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Yeah definitely. but not an MMO. I've been playing that remake really regularly over the last 6 years and although I still love it, I would like something along those lines with some modern sheen.

I love that game more than almost any other. I have two copies on PC, the PSP port, the iPad port and I used to have the Xbox port.