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fuck i gave you the answers..............FUCK

im too tired now, ill make a better one later

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Wow.. Talk about failure.

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1. A Cheetah
2. dead ant, dead ant, dead ant dead ant dead ant......
3. Bananana...
4. Teapot.
5. Noise.
6. Because if he took the other leg off the ground he would fall on the ground!

What can i say, i'm a genius!

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lmao...Joker>Riddler anyday :P

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Make another one, without answers, this could distract me for a while.

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stAtic said:
"Wow.. Talk about failure.


i blame jeff gertsmann, i removed the links, and when i posted, the site GLICHED and posted with the links
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epic thread

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nat said:
"epic thread
Post in the other one queer
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4th one is a teapot!


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I don't like riddles!

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mah brain hurt

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Riddler said:
"nat said:
"epic thread
Post in the other one queer
I would but my dick is stuck up your arse.

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second to last = Person driving the car