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Now it all comes down to this Rock Band or Guitar hero.

Now that all the anouncements for E3 are done and all the new features and modes were added to rockband guitar hero which one will be better? I think that it is a tough desition on which one will come out on top. Guitr hero had its own uniqe symbole but rockband respondes and did the same. Will the songes be better in rockband or guitar hero. Rockband has 85 in there setlist and it was said that guitar hero has 90.

It is hard to tell which one will be better but what do you think about it?

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I'm gonna go with Rock Band because I already have all of the instruments set up. I don't want another set of plastic instruments.

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Im more interested in the development of GH:WT, but they both look awesome...

I wont be buying either though, that crap is expensive.

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Rock Band 2

Just that massive amount of songs on XBL/PSN plus the inclusion of RB1 stuff

Besides, GH is always too focused on themes

RB is just let loose and have fun. You even make your own dudes