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#1 Posted by KingKoopa (28 posts) -

Now that E3 is over and they talked about Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour which one do you think will come out and be better game.

Guitar Hero World Tour had there own uniqe style with the symboles coming to the drums. Then a little whil after here comes rockband with there own new symbols. There has been word that Rock Band will start off with 85 songs on there setlist and there was also said that GH: WT will have 90 songs on there original setlist. They both games have there own style.

Which one will be better?

#2 Posted by banksrob (1126 posts) -

this is a tough question but with no hands on experience i cant really say at this point.

#3 Posted by magnificentbastard (41 posts) -

Rock Band 2.  I already spent too much money on all the Rock Band instruments. There's no way I'm buying more for guitar hero

#4 Posted by rentfn (1290 posts) -

With the announcement that GHWT will allow Rock Band instruments the choice is easier... BOTH :)

#5 Posted by Lifeonmars (20 posts) -

Probably Rock Band 2. You're pretty much guaranteed a steady stream of DLC.

#6 Posted by Oriental_Jams (3063 posts) -

I'm going with Rock Band 2.

#7 Posted by Bilawal (107 posts) -

Rock Band 2. If I ever get the game I'll get RB2 since it has hundreds of downloadable content.

#8 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

I can't decide, I'll probably end up buying both, haha.

#9 Edited by Freek (89 posts) -

I would have to say Rock Band 2, I like the look of the drum kit better.

#10 Posted by Wyld (278 posts) -

I would have to agree with most on here and say Rock Band 2.  The way Harmonix has handled its DLC is exactly how a music game should have been doing it from the start.  And as of right now I know what to expect on Rock Band 2, extremely superb songs.

#11 Posted by raahsnavj (43 posts) -

Well, some of your information you have is a little off. I have been following this match up for some time now here here is what I have for comparison:

1) All DLC from the RB1 is playable in RB2. DLC from GH3 will be available in GH:WT. DLC for RB is a consistent weekly event. GH3 has only been increased do to RB's success with it. Track history for GH:WT looks bleak compared to RB2. Personnally RB can put together much better tracks and a lot of them with a promised 500 songs available for the game by the end of 2008.

2) GH:WT will have a new mode to 'compose' your own songs. Drums, Guitar and Bass (sorry no vocals). Sorry nothing here for RB2. So, if you are a composer (and don't like to have a singer). GH:WT is better in this regard.

3) Drums... Wow there is still a lot of stuff to know about this, but in the last week or so this has flip-flopped a couple of times. GH:WT will have a 5 pad drum kit, plus a pedal, plus another petal optional (double bass). It also declares the RB drums will work in GH by dynamically making the song chart switch to 4 notes and the pedal. And you can plug in a digital set (generic?) and use it in the game at a whim.

RB2 will be compatible with the RB drums. Now word on if it will work with the GH:WT drums. It also has available a new updated drum kit available plus 3 optional additional cymbols you can add. In game it will double for the pads, by external to the game can double as a digital set. Or you could also buy a compatible Ion digital exclusive drum kit. It also comes with a training mode that will teach drumming as well, and this isn't the cheap 3 quick tutorials like RB one had. RB2 boasts 78 different drum patterns to train on, plus drum fill training, as well as a free style mode, along with 4 different virtual drum kit setups.

How does this compare really... GH:WT has a 5th pad... thus probably harder from a game perspective, but appears to be optional in the first place. Both have options for having real digital drum kits... GH's appears to be more generic though so you won't get stuck with the proprietary Ion drums. Who knows though if RB will counter this time... but there you have it. Confused yet... I thought so.

4) Guitar's are a toss up more than likely. GH guitar has a new 'touch strip' allowing quick finger slides to play notes. However the 'strip' on the GH guitar must be gimmicky or you wouldn't be able to play this game with a GH3 controller... so you either need to buy two new guitars or that feature is void in GH. Compatibility of the guitars is still sketchy, but it appears everyone is going to play nice this time around. Thus it comes down to looks and which one you have played more on.

5) As far as the main setlist is concerned, Activision has locked in two bands, Van Halen and the Eagles. GH:WT hasn't released their setlist, but they promise 85 songs. RB2 comes on the disc with 84 the full list has been revealed. Though both RB2 and GH:WT says the main setlist will all be MASTER tracks, so no difference there. RB2 also promised 20 FREE songs off of DLC at release time... that brings the total up to 104 songs if you buy the game at release.

It appears RB though has genres across all of Rock (1960's and up)... GH...? well they still haven't told us. Depending on what GH does the tracklist might be just as varied or more Heavy metal rock, less variety. Be that good or bad depending on your tastes.

6) Cost of RB2 and GH:WT will probably be $60 out of the gate (game only) for anyone with RB1 drums (seeming they are compatible now). The prices of full kits are still unknown as for now. I'm not sure if each game publisher will sell their peripherals separately.. but if they do you can now mix and match as you choose.

7) VOID... See point 6. The prices use to be different for those already with RB1, but now it doesn't matter. This point use to be the following: "For all the money I saved from case #6, I could download another 50 songs or so, basically doubling the setlist for the same price (which would be the point of getting both RB2 and GH:WT). I bet there are also some overlap in the main setlist between the two. thus the value would be better for picking one and going with it. Those that already have RB can see the value of sticking with the brand." Now of course this point is VOID.

8 ) GH is famous for being HARD. that doesn't make it as good of party game unless all your friends are nuts like us and play really well. But then again they did say the 'difficulty' is being 'fixed'. That could be extremely good or really bad... So this point is a toss up depending on your circumstances...

9) GH:WT is stating how customizable all the characters will be and what not. Taking the Tony Hawk character creation utilities and enhancing it is how they are pulling off this feature. RB2 seems silient for the most part regarding this... This is because RB already had the customization GH:WT is touting...

RB2 will have a bigger list of items to buy and customize with than it already had in RB1. The screen shots posted on the RB2 page already show new face shapes than the 4 or so that were in RB as well as new atire. RB2 also goes over the top for allowing you to send in your band or character profile and buy all sorts of thing you put on your person for real.

10) I'm still looking for a good comparison for online modes. E3 has shown us the following. Battle of the Bands for RB2, which is a tournament of bands, which Harmonix has promised with have a big set of online tournaments and different challenges. They also have Band Head to Head. Along with Band World Tour Online this time.

GH:WT has only revealed the 'Band Head to Head' equivalent of 4 on 4 band battle mode... The typical one-on-one score and tug of war modes I believe are a given in both... but only RB has confirmed it in RB2.

11) GH:WT says the base will have a 6th note, by doing an empty strum. RB2 hasn't said anything of the nature yet. The 6th note will probably add more difficulty to the Bass, something most RB players have complained about. So if you like bass, or wished RB1 would have been harder, that is a positive for GH:WT.

12) Sequel history: RB to RB2 seems to be a good step in the right direction. GH3 - GH:WT as well, but then you have GH:Aerosmith, Metalica, and 'Metal'... one brand seems to be stringing you out on the name. Would you trust such a company?

However if you are from the UK or Australia RB1 just came out (some places it hasn't yet in fact)... and here comes talk of a sequel... RB2 seems to be a quick release to counter GH taking over the 'band' game market. Is RB2 the beginning of the 'band game' milking GH has already done with the Guitar rhythm games?

In the GH:WT E3 preview it was quoted 'This year it is about playing in a band' ... this year huh? That's worrisome. Especially with all the off shoots of the GH name. RB appears to say, we are the RB name. RB1, DLC, RB2 - compatibility across the board... it looks like one of these names is around for the long haul and one isn't.

13) Depending on how the 'main tracks' of RB1 get integrated into RB2, new comers to RB2 might get BOTH track lists for the cost of a rental... But the jury is still out on this one. It IS confirmed though that RB1 songs will be playable in RB2 (not just DLC, we are talking main tracklist here) and disc swapping is OUT! So RB1 fans still get all of the music goodness of the first playable in the second...

14) If you ONLY own a Wii... it has been announced that RB2 will be for the Wii, but no one is even asking about it. I personnally think Harmonix wants you to buy another console; One with storage space and a really good online system. GH:WT will humor you.

15) The Tracklist of available songs for RB2 already surpases 200 songs. GH:WT I believe is about half of that. With about 5 or so songs every week coming for RB and RB2 until release, RB2 easily will have more available music to play (500+ by the end of 2008 ).


So in conclusion...

Depending on what you want out the game a lot is up to you to decide. Almost everything is still up in the air now that the peripheral compatibility issue has been solved. Fans of the game genre are the winners I believe now that BOTH games are available to someone already with RB for $120, less than the game and peripherals for just one of them alone.

I'll leave off my own personal take on each point seeming I'm trying to compare this objectively... so now that you know the features (for the most part) you decide. And did I miss anything?

One thing I would like answered... to play BWT online for either, will everyone playing from the same console need to have their own XLive Gold account? Or one per machine?

I will probably be getting RB2 right away and pick up GH as necessary to fill any void RB2 doesn't fill (maybe the music creator?)

#12 Posted by gameshark5 (248 posts) -

Rockband 2 FTW

#13 Posted by joshuapohl (43 posts) -

The fact that all the old songs from Rockband can be moved to Rockband 2 makes it a very hard choice for those who already own Rockband. But, since I do not, I would probably pick up Guitar Hero World Tour because I prefer their style.

#14 Posted by GumbieuK (118 posts) -

Rock Band 2, but as us over in the UK only recently got Rock Band i don't think we'll be seeing it for a long while.

#15 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

Rockband 2

#16 Posted by Toseph (370 posts) -

Rock band 2 although we won't get it in the UK until about 2010

#17 Posted by Bmasterlord (51 posts) -

Rock band 2, don't have to rebuy instruments, a much bigger and better catalogue, and it just looks prettier and better the GH stuff looked very ugly.

Also rockband 2 and HMX have more experience with the genre so I think the game will be more refined/better.

#18 Posted by 11samype (70 posts) -

Rock Band 2 will be better but I am buying both.

#19 Posted by Dwreck (48 posts) -

I will be buying RB2 for sure, but I'm not sure if I will buy GH because the music composer does not appeal to me.

#20 Posted by p_p_o_d (543 posts) -

Rockband 2 since it has the better track list IMO

BUT since im a ps3 owner AND from europe I think I will get GH since I dont want to wait untill next september to get rockband2

#21 Posted by Skepsis (11 posts) -

I'll be picking up Rock Band 2 from day one, but only the game standalone. I've already spent so much money on all the instruments and about 60 DLC songs. I really like what Harmonix is doing with this though, treating all the Rock Band games as part of the same universe so people that aren't interested in buying Rock Band 2 can still buy all the new weekly DLC.

#22 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

Raahsnavi pretty much summed it up. I like the art direction of Rock Band, the setlist, the instruments, and the accessibility much more than Guitar Hero. Let's face it, continued iterations of GH just yield more difficulty and take most of the fun away from the game. RB (and subsequently RB2) is just relaxing to play with friends.

#23 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

What's a real fucking blow is that they'd put me in a position where I had to pick one or the other. I want my instruments to work on both. I don't want to have to say to myself "Well, I only have enough instruments for THIS game" It's like the price of a new fucking car over here in the UK just to afford both the games.

Gawd help me if they drop the ball on the Rock Band pricing with the EU release again. We had to pay double what Americans did just because of import taxes or some bullshit like that.

#24 Posted by Atlas (2462 posts) -

I probably prefer GH's songlist, but Rock Band looks and works a lot better in my experience. Also, I think that read that Rock Band instruments will be compatible with GH, so I can still play GH with my RB stuff, or did I just make that up?

#25 Posted by Wario54 (25 posts) -

Rock band 2

#26 Posted by bekern (563 posts) -

How they do guitar will be the determining factor for me. If they still have lots of songs with fun, challenging guitar GH will be my choice.I just think Rock Band had way to many easy songs.

#27 Posted by Alfredfolds (6 posts) -

I am not much of a fan of any Guitar Hero iterations after Harmonix left. Not a fan at all.

Thus, Rock Band 2. I'll give Guitar Hero World Tour a rent, likely.

#28 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

After raahsnavi's post I think anyone can at least re think their decision. :P

Like I have said; RB2 baby.

#29 Posted by ImWayGooderest (73 posts) -

I already spent too much money on Rock Band DLC so I'm gonna stick with Rock Band 2.

Though I will probably buy Guitar Hero: World Tour eventually because it's compatible with Rock Band insturments.

#30 Posted by Shocker (2339 posts) -

Rock Band 2 until I see the complete GH setlist and gameplay.

#31 Posted by flameboi01 (21 posts) -

rock band 2 is much more rad at this point so ill be getting that, not to mention i dont exactly know when GHWT if gonna come out, and already have downloaded music on my rock band so its pretty much a done deal on this end

#32 Posted by flameboi01 (21 posts) -

rock band 2 is much more rad at this point so ill be getting that, not to mention i dont exactly know when GHWT if gonna come out, and already have downloaded music on my rock band so its pretty much a done deal on this end

#33 Posted by RustyScrew (71 posts) -

I'll probably end up getting both if they make the Wii Rock Band instruments compatible with GHWT. If they don't then Rock Band 2.

#34 Posted by Aaron_G (1618 posts) -

I actually plan on getting both. You know. I need to rock out to more than one game. :P

#35 Posted by Brandler (66 posts) -

Based on the quality/quantity of download content each franchise has put out so far, I'm going to have to say Rock band 2. Not at all impressed with GH3's downloadable songs.

#36 Posted by Mudkipz (8 posts) -

I plan on buying both, but just the games. I already have the RB1 hardware and it works well enough.

#37 Posted by AttackedCamo (821 posts) -

I'll be going with Rock Band 2.

#38 Posted by Toriko (82 posts) -

From what I've seen Rockband 2 is a much better game with a lot more care into it and content

Guitar Hero is just wanting to cash in as much as they can

#39 Posted by namster (132 posts) -

I'm prob just buying RB2 since I'll only have to buy the disc
and I like Harmonix's ideals a lot more cause of being able to carry over songs and their business model is just way more user friendly

plus supporting alex navarro is always a bonus

#40 Posted by Caddy (308 posts) -

I will be getting both seeing as I already have all the controllers needed, but I am looking forward to Rock Band 2 more at this point in time.

#41 Posted by Kevin (369 posts) -

Already bought Rock Band, and Rock Band 2 will let me transfer songs and I won't have to buy new instruments. All the plus for me. All the World Tour create your own songs seems like stuff I'm never gonna touch. Also, online world tour!

#42 Posted by Vager (1654 posts) -

I spent alot of money on Rock Band's DLC, I'll stick with them.

#43 Posted by CaptainCanada (105 posts) -

Rock Band to so i can play my 152 over on RB2 not gonna spend more money on another game that needs new controllers

#44 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

I'm still on the fence. 

GH has nice customization and I like the new instruements.  I'm not a fan of the Rock Band Ion Drum Set.  The setlist is also pretty good.

Rock Band 2 has a great setlist and I can use my old instruments, and Rock Band 1 DLC. 

#45 Posted by raahsnavj (43 posts) -

LouChou said:

"What's a real fucking blow is that they'd put me in a position where I had to pick one or the other. I want my instruments to work on both. I don't want to have to say to myself "Well, I only have enough instruments for THIS game" It's like the price of a new fucking car over here in the UK just to afford both the games.

Gawd help me if they drop the ball on the Rock Band pricing with the EU release again. We had to pay double what Americans did just because of import taxes or some bullshit like that.

How did they put you in the position to pick one or the other. As of E3 GH has announced all RB stuff works with GH:WT. So if you have rockband, you are set. If you want to pick and choose instruments hopefully RB2 will also be compatible across the board.

#46 Posted by MB (13295 posts) -

I never bought Rock Band although I did play it at a friend's place.  I simply can't justify spending $180+  on a video game.  Guitar Hero III is enough for me, I'll just play video game guitar alone in my mom's basement, thank you.

#47 Posted by moolkey (25 posts) -
GHWT, it will be better for Wii.
#48 Posted by InsaneBomb (13 posts) -

im going to buy both, but if my rock band drumkit doesnt work in guitar hero world tour, theres no way im buying there new drumset, even though it may be better.  ive always been fine with guitar hero just being a GUITAR game

#49 Posted by Ice_Cold_Rayman (216 posts) -

The music rhythm game genre is being milked to death before our eyes. I'd say Rock Band is still better. But how many more instruments and things can they expect people to buy? Forwards compatible instruments are a good idea though.

#50 Posted by Blair (2532 posts) -

I'm really down for RB2, but I'd really like it if Harmonix gave us the option to import our own music.  Yes, this is a pipe-dream and it would totally be counter intuitive to their DLC business model but at the same time it would allow users to import songs that would otherwise never be featured in a music playing game.  Imagine how fucking hard it would be to play one of those super-long epic Bombcasts?  Like an E3 wrap-up 3 hour long monster one with the sound of the A/C on the mic?  But seriously it would be rad to play some Notorious BIG, or some Girl Talk instead of the typical Rock Band tunes which are still good in their own right.  Lastly, I could be making this up but I thought I read somewhere that the guys at Harmonix were trying to figure out a way to allow users to generate their own songs from an iPod like they have in that iPod game Phase so maybe my wishful-thinking will pay off?