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I've been using the Giant Bomb Roku app quite a bit lately. The video quality is great and I've been very happy with it but I do have one issue that may or may not be addressable. Quick Looks older than a few months old fall off the app and there is no way to access them. Would it be possible to add some kind of search feature that would give you the ability to access videos that are not listed under on of the categories? I like to go back and watch classic Quick looks from time to time and not being able to do this with the roku app is a bummer. I'm not sure who I should be addressing with this question. Hopefully someone will at least point me in the right direction.

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I also would like to see some 'elp with this here quandary... anyone there?

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Man, my Roku is probably the biggest regret of anything I've bought in years. A poor selection of content. It performs very slowly. The interface feels about ten years old. A lot of stuff doesn't even work on it. Blech. I just had to go and satisfy my curiosity, though. Damn it.

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The Giant Bomb channel is the only thing keeping me coming back to my Roku and consequently, my tv, and seeing older videos I love to revisit fall off bums me out.

is there any plans to support the Roku player or is it just a dinosaur?

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Duder! You read my mind. It sucks to not be able to see content from more that a few months back. I bought a cheap roku on a Black Friday primarily for GB and Netflix to a lesser extent. Anyways, the app stopped updating for me 2 days ago. The first vid that didn't post was the QL for ACM. I'm a bit concerned now that support will disappear. Having such a video focused website makes experiencing the content via tv just makes sense. @snide can we get some clarity on this issue? Thx :)