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While there are many genres of games that have evolved over the years, for me a clear distinction has emerged between two styles of game that service different needs and cater to different lifestyles. There are story based games with simple mechanics, those that are meant to be mastered over the course of the game before it is completed and the breadth of it's content absorbed, and then there are those with deeper mechanics that are meant to satisfy the player long after any story or narrative has been revealed. Often it is the player that decides which of these two camps a particular game will fall into. For example, I just finished Heart of the Swarm and enjoyed it, but until the Protoss campaign is released then my time with the game is largely over. I had fun with Diablo 3 as well, but the complaints I heard from many players seemed to be that it was incapable of satisfying them in the long run much like the game before it.

While I can play many story based games and enjoy them, there is only really one game I can commit to exploring the deeper mechanics of, and for me that game is Tekken. I have spent some time with many fighting games over the years, but Tekken is easily my favourite, something that started for me in 1996 with Tekken 2. Importantly though, the latest release of Tekken is the best yet and is a game that will reward your time and commitment with deep mechanics that can't ever be mastered, meaning it joins a rarefied company of games such as Brood War, Counterstrike, and so on. I am also so comfortable with the game that I can play it and also devote some of my attention to something else, so it is my game of choice when listening to podcasts, music, or just news and discussion on youtube. I like to think most people that play games have found one particular title that is always there on standby, I'm not about to get into Civilization 5, Team Fortress 2 or World of Warcraft but I can see people's commitment to these games is an apt comparison.

Anyway I've made a combo video showing just how many characters I've learned to play, so if you've made it this far check it out and let me know what you think ^_^