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Poll: Royalty-Free Song of the Show(s) (254 votes)

Lock Down (Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Dave James) 77%
Party Hard (Bob Bradley) 14%
E3 2011 Giant Bomb Music 6%
Other 1%
I hate them all (I am an enemy to royalty-free music and all of mankind!) 2%

Since we're at the tail-end of this year's illustrious E3, and since the chat polls are fleeting, I feel like we should resolve this particular item permanently:

What is your Royalty-Free Song of the Show(s)? (Links as follows)

Lock Down (Dan Skinner, Adam Skinner, Dave James): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2FDPgvm2l0

Party Hard (Bob Bradley): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vlqgok_P6bk

E3 2011 Giant Bomb Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytkiOvL9DZ4

#1 Posted by jeffrud (424 posts) -

There are no other possible answers but Lock Down.

#2 Posted by ShaggE (6828 posts) -

Lock Down. Those first 14 seconds alone make it the clear winner.

#4 Edited by natetodamax (19230 posts) -

Anyone know what the music was during the Tuesday's show? It was like this drum and bass hybrid flute thing.

#5 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2030 posts) -

@natetodamax: As in the Pre- and Post- show music from Tuesday? Are you referring to this? (I literally could only find that link as a full playable version of it since I couldn't find it on youtube); it's called Keymantia and it's by this group called 00.db. It actually doesn't look royalty free as it's available for purchase on Amazon MP3 surprisingly.

#6 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Both Lock Down and Party Hard are amazing in their stupidity, but the stupidity of Lock Down is quite a bit more creative than Party Hard, so I'll give it to that.

#7 Posted by Animasta (14746 posts) -

lock me up and throw away the key

#8 Edited by Dallas_Raines (2221 posts) -

Lock Down is aces, but I got to give it to Party Hard.

#9 Posted by joshth (515 posts) -

@jeffrud said:

There are no other possible answers but Lock Down.


#10 Edited by Jolt92 (1603 posts) -

I really like Party Hard. And I have absolutely no clue why that is.

#11 Posted by TheHT (11998 posts) -

Lockdown is easily the song of E3 2013.

#12 Posted by Aronman789 (2673 posts) -

I was gonna party hard, until the sun comes up, but then it became a lockdown, baby.

#13 Edited by Fram (811 posts) -

To truly "get" Lock Down you had to be in the chat during that super long break between segments where it was playing on rotation for what felt like an hour. Everyone was screaming for the song to be changed. After that full immersion session though, there was a HUNGER to hear it again that will never be sated.

#14 Posted by evanbower (1216 posts) -

People, please... Party Hard is the best song. I won't just sit here and watch you fawn over this Johnny Come Lately!

#15 Edited by OGred (196 posts) -

Lock Down is too smooth

PS: Anyone know when paypal support will be up?

#16 Posted by stalefishies (352 posts) -

Party Hard isn't an E3 song, Party Hard is just a general waiting-for-the-stream-to-start song.

But Lock Down? That's an E3 song.

#17 Edited by extragingerbrew (221 posts) -

I have a love/hate relationship with Lock Down. It now defines Giant Bomb chat waiting. #13 evanbower perfectly captured my exact thoughts on the matter.

#18 Edited by TruthTellah (9534 posts) -

I've really enjoyed this E3 and... and... oh my gawd... it's... I... oh... oh it's a lock down, baby, you drive me crazy!

Ain't no escapin, the love's got me doin time!

You're my attorney, my judge and jury! Please help!

I'm feelin guilty so lock me up and throw away the key!


I said, lock me up and stop... throw away the key!

Lock me up and throw away the key...

Lock me up and...

Lock me up... why...

Please lock me up...

And... throw away...



The key...

#19 Edited by ajamafalous (12233 posts) -

Lock Down's kinda just annoying.

I've been listening to Party Hard with astonishing regularity since last E3, though.

#20 Edited by stalefishies (352 posts) -

I just want to add that I've just come back from an exam where I had Lock Down stuck in my head the entire time and it was NOT helpful.

#21 Edited by ultrapeanut (393 posts) -

Anyone who voted for anything other than Lock Down is obvi trollin'

#22 Posted by cooljammer00 (2109 posts) -

There was a time where "Party Hard" was our goddamn White Whale.

How times have changed.

#23 Posted by cooljammer00 (2109 posts) -

There was a time where "Party Hard" was our goddamn White Whale.

How times have changed.

#24 Posted by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

Uh the clear answer is E3 2011 music, of course you need that otter gif though.