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I want to get into RTSs but I don't know where to start. Could you guys please help? 
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the fire emblem games are pretty simple also
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Starcraft 2 fo sho'. Just go through the campaign, play some practice league games and you'll be fine. 
Don't be afraid to play the practice league games. You'll probably lose the first match, but the level of play is seriously low there, so you'll be doing fine pretty quick. Just jump in and give it a go.

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Starcraft II has a wealth of depth that isn't too hard to grasp. It'd take some time, but you should really hit the ground running.

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There is no real RTS for beginners seeing as they are much different from each other.

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Age of Empires 2 or Rise of Nations. But if I had to choose from the list, I would go with World in Conflict, even though it's not your typical RTS.

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@kous18 said:
" the fire emblem games are pretty simple also "
Not real time.
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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Halo Wars is pretty good for a console RTS, but it isn't necessarily a good "beginner" entry because it lacks many RTS standbys that you need to get used to. Base building is really streamlined, the economy is more or less autonomous, and unit control is kept to a minimum due to the restrictions of the controller. 
If you've got a PC, I'd recommend Supreme Commander 2 as a pretty decent intro to RTS games. It's not nearly as hardcore as its predecessor but it still includes pretty much everything.

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@MackGyver said:
" Age of Empires 2 or Rise of Nations. "
This (if you aren't interested in ladder games) even though I've only played Age of Empires 2 (my first rts) but I've heard really good things about Rise of Nations. 
If you are interested in getting into competitive multiplayer I would suggest Starcraft 2 cause I hear that's the hip new thing with the kids these days.
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" the fire emblem games are pretty simple also "
Yes but they are extremely hard once you get further into the game. Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 3 should be good enough for beginners.
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I know it just came out, but Starcraft 2 has the best ease-into-it kind of missions so new players can really get going on it. Challenges are great, and there's a beginner's league so you can get used to playing online against people without anything really riding on it.
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" @kous18 said:
" the fire emblem games are pretty simple also "
Not real time. "
Yea, that confused the hell out of me when I saw it. If you want a real time strategy RPG, try Ogre Battle. As for something that will help you get into RTSes, Starcraft is pretty good at helping you get into the genre.
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StarCraft 2

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StarCraft 2 is really a lot of fun. It won't just toss you into the game wondering what to do either. It also has a great story as far as RTS games go.

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batallion wars lol